Lesson by Trees

There are now very few trees left around my locality among those there are trees which are like grandparents to me.  Like other days I was watching them it was a time to relax for me, enjoy clouds, wind, birds, flowers, trees and plants. Somehow these days feel like they are my friends and guardians. This view came that relaxing evening when I learned a really incredible lesson from those trees.

1)      They stand tall in extreme hot summer noon and give pleasure to those who take shelter in their shadow. How peaceful people sleep in that shadow? How relaxed we feel in that shadow?

2)      In rainy days, they give shelter to many creatures (insects, birds, animals and human beings) who are trying to protect themselves from rain. How can I forget their contribution in enriching soil with minerals and retaining soil?

3)      They give beautiful flowers and fruits, wood to keep us warm in winter, cook food and make house.

Everything they give us and other creatures without any expectation to get things in return. And there came a lesson, “Any act done without any expectation brings eternal peace within the performer, makes surroundings pleasant, soothing, and happy where every soul will love to be, where soul will flourish. Where all this is present, there will be God.”

Trees give shelter to birds all spices of birds find shelter on trees. Irrespective of nature of birds they equally get shelter on trees.

Same with animals, a lion can rest in the shadow of a tree in the similar manner a deer can rest. No discrimination.

Trees are home of snakes and various small insects. How steady nature of trees is? No matter with whom they are they keep on flourishing, blooming, they give fruits and their shadow still remains the same even if the snake rests on a branch.

There came another lesson, “People will approach you with selfishness, venomous thoughts, they would come to you to take as much as benefit they can, let them be happy with their nature. Give them happiness and pleasure with your act, don’t let your focus get diluted, be what you are and forgive them for what they are.

What an incredible lesson it is, “Snake is meant to be venomous but you are meant to flourish, bloom, grow. Be performer and enjoy all situations.