Few thoughts on Anger

People tell me I am aggressive. I dont deny the fact that I am aggressive and I work to control it. In this process of learning to control anger, I came across few things which I would like to share.

A person gets angry when he is not able to do things as per his wish. A person gets angry when he is wrong and dont want to admit. A person gets angry when others dont obey him. A person will get angry when the person whom he love is insulted or hurt by others.

So, one form of anger is that of Ravan, another form is that of Lakshman. A form of anger is that of Dronacharya and another form of anger is of Kaikey

If we look carefully Ravan use to get angry when people dont obey him. He got angry when he was not able to marry Sita. He got angry when his sister Surpanakha’s husband refrained from following his thoughts and views. This anger of his was the result of the thought, “Whatever I do, I am doing everything fair and legal.”, “I am the best”, “I am the supreme power and all should follow him.” The powers he had accquired which he was not able to control gave birth to ego and all these thoughts of his. And this ego and thoughts gave birth to anger. Such anger is harmful to the society as well as to the person who is the victim of such anger.

Lakshman was also termed aggressive. He got angry when Kaikey exciled Ram. He got angry when Surpanakha proposed for marriage. He got angry when Sugriv forgot everything after the death of his brother. This anger of his was the result of his passionate love for Ram. He was not able to tolerate any misbehavior of others towards Ram and Sita. In his anger there was a feeling of mother or guardian who always wants to protect loved ones. He use to burn his heart for them whom he loved more than himself. This anger is somewhere like a burning lamp, if you blow from wrong side it will burn you.

Dronacharya was best teacher and he wished his student to be the world’s best in archery. When he came to know Eklavya have the capability of being the world’s best he got angry, he asked for thumb as fees. This anger of his was the result of situations which he never thought of and never wish to come up. The thought is like a child who think that he will get whatever he dream and world will work as per his thoughts.

Many people get angry when they are shown mirror and asked to note their mistakes. Such anger also comes from ego and the thought “I am the best”.

Of all these forms of anger, the best anger according to me is that of Lakshman. Though anger in any form is not good, but if something good have to be found from all this, then it is the anger of Lakshman. Lakshman was devotee from heart and soul, his act and his thoughts were centered around Ram and Sita. So whenever anger comes out of feelings towards loved ones, one can be saved from the evils of anger.