Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga – the simple yoga which yields the  fruits that no other yoga can give.


Krishna while giving knowledge on the war-front referred Karma Yoga as the best yoga of all to Arjuna. In his preaching to Arjuna, Krishna says, an individual can achieve liberation or the Supreme Being (God) just by performing karam defined for him in scriptures. An individual based on his caste is expected to perform karma. In ancient time, there were discrimination of karma for Bhramin, Shudra and Vaishya. There is no such discrimination today as one can see Bhramin indulged in act of corruption and vaishya imparting knowledge of scriptures. Though people are not having complete knowledge on the topic they preach others. If we take base of Gita, I believe instead of preaching one can present views if his knowledge is sufficient otherwise refrain from making any speech.


According to Krishna, karma done whole-heartedly with selflessness and any expectation of reward is the best of all can be done by an individual. One should not be attached with the act done by him. Any feelings like pain, happiness, pride… can take away the fruits of karma.

Some people count the number of deeds done with selflessness, devotion…Supreme Being never counts such deeds.  Knowledge of karma is good to have, but the best learned is the performer, who does all act as if he is doing act for the wellbeing of other lives with the thought, he is performer not the creator.

I hear people commenting on number of hours they spend on Yoga and Meditation. And all the time I wonder how can we measure Yoga and Meditation? I know such people will not be able to give justification on this question as they hardly understand the importance of Yoga and Meditation.

Keeping all this aside, the truth of the universe is, “Karma done hole-heartedly, with selflessness, dedication and as a performer, that is without any attachment”.

Note: Reference of this post is my understanding over Chapter 3 of Gita.


Like me you would also be hearing this word, “Cleaning” number of times a day. Clean floor, Clean desk, Clean wardrobe….. Cleaning a process removing unwanted/ impure substances so that pure and good substances can be placed instead of them. Cleaning is not a one time job. Cleaning is a continuous process. Cleaner needs to be alert and vigilant.

An alert cleaner can remove impure substance before such substance spoil the surrounding. To perform this act the cleaner needs be vigilant and active.

Desk, floor, house, wardrobe…..are not only to be for cleaning but heart and soul also needs cleaning.

A heart has to be cleaned and poor thoughts, evil thoughts, jealousy …. needs to be removed. So that love, harmony and peace can find place in heart. Such cleaning is not a one time act but a continuous process. One needs to be alert to remove all such feelings. If such feelings will remain for long time in heart, it will spoil mind and soul. The ultimate result will be the downfall of the individual himself.

A contaminated heart will contaminate soul. A contaminated soul results to the downfall of the energy of soul. A soul without energy is equivalent to the soul without life. It is true, that a soul cannot die, soul cannot be burnt but it is equivalent true that contaminated soul is without life. A soul without life cannot reach its destination, which is the Supreme God.