Vein Knowledge

Few days back I happen to meet a student whom his teacher has rewarded with knowledge. His face was shining bright. And why don’t his face shine for he had reason, he got knowledge from his teacher (Guru). It was pleasure to see him. Somehow a question came to my mind, for how many days will you be able to carry this gift? Will you be able to enhance this knowledge?

I remember in school days, we were taught, “Knowledge increases with its use”. True it is, knowledge will increase with its use, but with proper use. One can increase knowledge with its constructive thoughts, thoughtful and watchful use of knowledge.

When I met that student, I recalled the story of “Alchemist” by Paul Cohelo, very famous story. The boy who is the hero of the story meets a wise man, who gives him a spoon having few drops of oil and asks him to carry the spoon while he moves around the palace. The boy does what he was being told but when he returns to the wise man, there was no oil in the spoon.

Teachers give us knowledge and set us free to move around the palace. It is up to the student how much he preserves his knowledge, how much he use his knowledge and grow. The usual mistake a student does is to lose the knowledge like the boy lost the oil in the spoon.

Today after many days when I met that student again I can see he has lost the shining brightness. It was normal phenomena; till the student will realize that the shining brightness is lost a good amount of time would have been lost. The student will then have to put extra efforts to get that knowledge.  Our mind is like a spoon and the knowledge we receive is like oil. It is our duty to protect that oil while we move around the luxury of the palace.