The dictionary meaning of ‘Idolatry’ is simple but it carries lots of importance and weight in human beings.

It is the usual glamour of Diwali, people around me have busy mornings and evenings with most of their time invested in idol worship. In mid of all this sequential events, a question came from within me, “Krishna in Gita says, I am form-less, then why do we worship idol of Krishna?” Krishna is nirguna in form then why we give him form, make him sguna and then worship him?

Does this mean, we can only imagine the element God in form? In Islam, people don’t give forms to Alha or God. Parsi people worship Fire, again fire have form. Preaching in both the religion is towards building a human. It becomes confusing when I put understandings this way. Instead of falling into any complications lets follow Gita.

He, the all mighty is everywhere, in every element and is form-less and take base of lesson learnt from clouds. If you go above clouds you don’t see elements on earth and even don’t see land. Above the clouds you see brightness and deep blue sky, a view where there is no difference between elements, where there are no elements. So I would like to see God, the all mighty element from cloud and not from earth.

While worshiping Krishna, idol will be an element to illustrate senses but above this illustration, my prayers will be for the form-less. I will close eyes to offer prayers to the form-less but through open eyes, no matter how the world pictures Krishna.