Sankhya Sutra

A small event reminded me about “Sankhya Sutra” and the story of Bharata narrated in Bhagavada Purana. I was asked to offer milk to mother dog and her puppies, no one was offering milk or food to them. It was second day when I was offering them milk, my heart was filled with the feeling of love and care. An ocean of love and care was flowing inside me, which reminded me about “Sankhya Sutra”. It reminded me about the story of Bharata.

Bharata forgot the lesson of “Sankhya Sutra” and fell in ‘Maya’ of a deer, an infant deer which he found in the stream, who was born when the frightened mother deer jumped across the stream. Bharata took care of the infant deer and day by day he was getting attached with the deer with heart, thoughts and then with soul such that if the deer goes out of his site for a minute he would be worried and tensed. Till the end of his life Bharata was worried about the wellbeing of the deer, and the deer was enjoying the care and love of Bharata. With the last thought of the wellbeing of the deer, Bharata passes away and takes birth as deer. Before meeting deer Bharata was free from bonds of ‘Maya’ and in his meditations focused on the creator of the world. But later the situations changed, his focus was on deer. When he was born as deer, he had frail memories of his life as Bharata and with the lesson he had learned, he kept away from grass, each and every elements of forest. After leaving life of deer he took birth as a Bhramin with the memories of past life and lesson he learned, he remained silent and away from all worldly elements. He delivers his knowledge of “Sankhya Sutra” and other divine knowledge to a king.

“Sankhya Sutra” warns us, thinking of anything which is not contributory to spiritual practice, or sadhana, results in bondage, as in the case of Bharata. Attachment sneaks into our mind without our knowledge, like a serpent entering into a hole without our knowing that it has entered it. The power of the mind, which is filled with desires, finds all sorts of excuses to see that its longings are fulfilled, one way or the other. It is like a thief or a dacoit who knows every way of entering a house.

While offering milk to mother dog and her puppies, I realized how strong is ‘Maya’, ‘Maya’ is present everywhere waiting for a situation where you show your liking towards worldly elements. On getting a small hint of such a liking, ‘Maya’ starts finding each and every way to trap you in worldly elements. With that incident I learned that in order to protect your house from thief you have to be vigilant and cut all efforts of thief, block all ways through with the thief can enter in the house with knowledge.