Research of J. C. Bose – Parts from autobiography of a yogi

I happen to come across following quotes about research of J.C.Bose in the book autobiography of a yogi.

Years later Bose’s pioneer plant findings were substantiated by other scientists. Work done in 1938 at
Columbia University was reported by THE NEW YORK TIMES as follows:

It has been determined within the past few years that when the nerves transmit messages between the brain
and other parts of the body, tiny electrical impulses are being generated. These impulses have been measured
by delicate galvanometers and magnified millions of times by modern amplifying apparatus. Until now no
satisfactory method had been found to study the passages of the impulses along the nerve fibers in living
animals or man because of the great speed with which these impulses travel.


While reading these lines, i imagined following points.

— Every living and non living creature is a smart structure of physics and life science.

— Each part and cell of body or mass is associated with each other. They communicate life force.

— Each body or mass is a formation of electromagnetic waves in a way.

— These ways are always active within the body or mass.

— As said in the above quote, electrical impulses or what i refer as electromagnetic waves are generated by brain and other parts of the body. It is hard to see with cosmic eyes and requires efforts to measure its frequency. But it could be felt.

— Many creatures can easily feel these waves or electrical impulses. While certain creatures are neutral to such feeling.

— Centuries back, in the age of Shuka, Patanjali and other such rishis, the art of feeling and giving respect to these electical impulses were known and preserved.


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