Anger a type of violence

Violence is not only killing or beating others but it is hurting others with words and action.

One must not forget, if anger is fire it not only burns the one who is angry it burns the one who is victim of anger.

In anger many a times we would have used bad language for others. Many a times if others would not have accepted our sway (prabhuta) we would have used bad words. It is violence, it burns the speaker’s good thoughts and even burns the happiness of the listener.

Many a times we would have been angry for people driving vaguely and we would have cursed them or we shout on them. It is violence. Similarly cursing chef for food, is a violence.

If we are in meeting and someone comes to us with a request for help in job and if we use ill words, we are doing violence. Knowingly and unknowingly we do such violence every day.

One should try and avoid such violence. The effect of such violence could not be seen on body but could be felt on thoughts. This violence burns the harmony and peace in the atmosphere and a natural goodness of soul.

Salt a healing remedy and a poison

Salt is an essential element of food.

Many eat access salt, it is always said by doctors and elders, “don’t eat too much of salt”.

A question comes then, when salt is essential element why thereĀ are restrictions?

An answer to this question based on my understanding and knowledge: – Salt is required to keep the body cells free from toxics. Body emit toxics from kidney and body cell through water. In this process of cleaning cells body takes base of different elements of salt, calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper and iron. Because of these elements salt plays important role in healing of many diseases in human body, like swelling of body, legs and hand, puffy eyes, blood circulation etc. The excess of such elements may result in arthritis, gout and rheumatism, as well as kidney and gall bladder stones, Alzheimer disease and improper circulation of blood in body.

Eating excess of salt increases the level of different elements of salt in body and cells. Against this excess of elements if the level of exercise is low then that excess will act as poison.

Few observations: A healer and orthopedic doctors would suggest patients an experiment of salt, dip the injured part in salt water and then clean water. In coordination with the above points specified as answer, I can now understand why they suggest such experiment.

When salt is placed directly on tongue, a tingling feeling can be observed in the cells of tongue, which alerts each sensitive cells of body and water in form of saliva is extracted from taste buds.

Controlling intake of salt may help in controlling certain hazards of salt. If someone is taking more of salt then while reducing the intakes of salt, one should take more of water and increase exercise level.