Marriage – a choice or necessity

This post is in continuation to my previous posts on Marriage. Reference to previous posts are below.

I often find myself in discussion on Marriage with people from different religion and nation.

People from India know rituals very well. But when you discuss this topic with people from different nations you learn different views on Marriage, ritual and tradition.

I have seen a trend following in the society. As a child, one has to under go schooling (with pressure to get top rank), as a grown ups, need a degree and then a job with good pay. With a job, the search for life partner gets started. Seems like without marriage you are outcaste or not a human. Seems to be a religious pressure or a social rule imposed on each residents.

I always ask a question to people marrying — Why do you marry?

They don’t have real answer to this question, people want to marry to enjoy married life and get child to keep their family tree going on.

None of them would be focused on building their work life, professional life or profession. A job or a degree is enough for their life.

If this social mentality is compared with rest of the world, one can notice people give importance in building their career, building a business, getting to a better position in job or profession. For such people marriage is a choice.

This brings one more question, why marriage is a necessity?

Few answers comes to my mind, one, some nations don’t have enough skilled people or people to meet the needs of labor so freedom from Government comes to have a big family. Second, religious pressure forcing people to marry as soon as possible.


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