Bhagavad Puran – Jadabharat and King Rahugan

Bhagavad Puran – Skanda 5 – Chapter 12 – King Rahugan’s question and Jadabharat’s answer.

When King Rahugan scolds Jadabharat who was carrying sedan of king without care. After silently listening king’s words, Jadabharat who use to be always silent speaks to impart knowledge with the purpose to open his eyes and guide him to salvation.
Jadabharat’s knowledge touched soul of king and king who use to pretend to be scholar, bows to Jadabharat and requests him to explain his knowledge imparted in symbolic words.

The said chapter is really interesting in context of
The answer of Jadabharat defines
1. body
2. mind or brain
3. Ego
4. Earth
5. Maya
6. God
7. How to reach near to God

My main interest for the purpose of this post is the definition of God.

The definition of God as per Jadabharat: Truely pure, spiritual knowledge, unique and the complete knowledge free from the difference of inside-outside is only truth. This truth is ‘The inner ruler of everything’ (Sarvantaryami) and completely free from all worldly vices (nirvikar). Such truth is known as ‘God’ and is referred by scholars as ‘Vasudeva’.

Such words can only come from the person who have learned the lessons of truth and thereby achieved knowledge of ‘God’ referred in his answer.

While trying to understand the definition of God given by Jadabharat then the first realization I get is: ‘Soul’. Soul of any creation is Truely pure, filled with spiritual knowledge, free from the difference of inside-outside, worldly vices. Refer this in the light of Gita, Krishna clearly says that your soul is not affected by worldly vices, is free from pain, sorrow, happiness, ego… So God is there in the form of Soul in every creation. It is we who have to bring in ourselves the consciousness to learn and acknowledge this form of ourselves (Soul).

I am still not so capable to explain all the terms of the definition but with the knowledge and sense I have I will try to explain them in the following posts.