To achieve something everything has to be destroyed.

In a friendly discussion with well wishers came this dialog, “To achieve something everything has to be destroyed.”

A seed destroys itself completely to become a tree. Tree burns itself carelessly to give shadow. Achievement asks sacrifice, blind sacrifice. Those who want to achieve something never think of assets they hold, they are always on heal to give up themselves and their assets.

This remembers me Gita and Bhagavad Purana which widely explains the importance of sacrifice. The more you wish to achieve the more you need to sacrifice. Mother sacrifice sleep, peace and herself for the sleep, wellbeing and happiness of her children. It is not mandatory yet she sacrifices everything required.  Sacrifice should be done with heart and feeling. Such sacrifice becomes worship of the all-mighty. Divine energy is earned through such sacrifice. Such sacrifice makes man better than all creatures and divine bodies. Those who offer such sacrifice are special to all-mighty. He himself takes care of those offers such sacrifices. Though the goal of man offering such sacrifices is to achieve the highest seat amongst divine bodies, attain the highest seat and respect from the divine bodies.

So work as if it is the last task with the devotion and readiness to sacrifice everything.

A divine bridge between souls – love

I always have arguments on this topic with friends. Even today my stand is same, I don’t agree with their views of love.

Last days I had been through an experience again. As usual I helped someone and later the work was appreciated. The person followed the suggestions and applied all the efforts for the best. It was those efforts that earned appreciation, I was given thanks. I could sense it was from heart.

It reminded me about the same feel I had when someone stopped smoking on my repeated request. On asking myself this question how to describe this feeling I got following answer,

It was appreciation from heart to heart which transformed into divinity which could be termed as bridge between souls. A soul has expressed gratitude, affection and love towards another soul.

Almost all of us feel such feeling when we do good to others or when someone does good to us.

An injured bird when get warm in someone’s arms, its soul expresses the same gratitude, affection and love, which could be felt and which is Love.


The dictionary meaning of ‘Idolatry’ is simple but it carries lots of importance and weight in human beings.

It is the usual glamour of Diwali, people around me have busy mornings and evenings with most of their time invested in idol worship. In mid of all this sequential events, a question came from within me, “Krishna in Gita says, I am form-less, then why do we worship idol of Krishna?” Krishna is nirguna in form then why we give him form, make him sguna and then worship him?

Does this mean, we can only imagine the element God in form? In Islam, people don’t give forms to Alha or God. Parsi people worship Fire, again fire have form. Preaching in both the religion is towards building a human. It becomes confusing when I put understandings this way. Instead of falling into any complications lets follow Gita.

He, the all mighty is everywhere, in every element and is form-less and take base of lesson learnt from clouds. If you go above clouds you don’t see elements on earth and even don’t see land. Above the clouds you see brightness and deep blue sky, a view where there is no difference between elements, where there are no elements. So I would like to see God, the all mighty element from cloud and not from earth.

While worshiping Krishna, idol will be an element to illustrate senses but above this illustration, my prayers will be for the form-less. I will close eyes to offer prayers to the form-less but through open eyes, no matter how the world pictures Krishna.


Vein Knowledge

Few days back I happen to meet a student whom his teacher has rewarded with knowledge. His face was shining bright. And why don’t his face shine for he had reason, he got knowledge from his teacher (Guru). It was pleasure to see him. Somehow a question came to my mind, for how many days will you be able to carry this gift? Will you be able to enhance this knowledge?

I remember in school days, we were taught, “Knowledge increases with its use”. True it is, knowledge will increase with its use, but with proper use. One can increase knowledge with its constructive thoughts, thoughtful and watchful use of knowledge.

When I met that student, I recalled the story of “Alchemist” by Paul Cohelo, very famous story. The boy who is the hero of the story meets a wise man, who gives him a spoon having few drops of oil and asks him to carry the spoon while he moves around the palace. The boy does what he was being told but when he returns to the wise man, there was no oil in the spoon.

Teachers give us knowledge and set us free to move around the palace. It is up to the student how much he preserves his knowledge, how much he use his knowledge and grow. The usual mistake a student does is to lose the knowledge like the boy lost the oil in the spoon.

Today after many days when I met that student again I can see he has lost the shining brightness. It was normal phenomena; till the student will realize that the shining brightness is lost a good amount of time would have been lost. The student will then have to put extra efforts to get that knowledge.  Our mind is like a spoon and the knowledge we receive is like oil. It is our duty to protect that oil while we move around the luxury of the palace.

Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga – the simple yoga which yields the  fruits that no other yoga can give.


Krishna while giving knowledge on the war-front referred Karma Yoga as the best yoga of all to Arjuna. In his preaching to Arjuna, Krishna says, an individual can achieve liberation or the Supreme Being (God) just by performing karam defined for him in scriptures. An individual based on his caste is expected to perform karma. In ancient time, there were discrimination of karma for Bhramin, Shudra and Vaishya. There is no such discrimination today as one can see Bhramin indulged in act of corruption and vaishya imparting knowledge of scriptures. Though people are not having complete knowledge on the topic they preach others. If we take base of Gita, I believe instead of preaching one can present views if his knowledge is sufficient otherwise refrain from making any speech.


According to Krishna, karma done whole-heartedly with selflessness and any expectation of reward is the best of all can be done by an individual. One should not be attached with the act done by him. Any feelings like pain, happiness, pride… can take away the fruits of karma.

Some people count the number of deeds done with selflessness, devotion…Supreme Being never counts such deeds.  Knowledge of karma is good to have, but the best learned is the performer, who does all act as if he is doing act for the wellbeing of other lives with the thought, he is performer not the creator.

I hear people commenting on number of hours they spend on Yoga and Meditation. And all the time I wonder how can we measure Yoga and Meditation? I know such people will not be able to give justification on this question as they hardly understand the importance of Yoga and Meditation.

Keeping all this aside, the truth of the universe is, “Karma done hole-heartedly, with selflessness, dedication and as a performer, that is without any attachment”.

Note: Reference of this post is my understanding over Chapter 3 of Gita.


Like me you would also be hearing this word, “Cleaning” number of times a day. Clean floor, Clean desk, Clean wardrobe….. Cleaning a process removing unwanted/ impure substances so that pure and good substances can be placed instead of them. Cleaning is not a one time job. Cleaning is a continuous process. Cleaner needs to be alert and vigilant.

An alert cleaner can remove impure substance before such substance spoil the surrounding. To perform this act the cleaner needs be vigilant and active.

Desk, floor, house, wardrobe…..are not only to be for cleaning but heart and soul also needs cleaning.

A heart has to be cleaned and poor thoughts, evil thoughts, jealousy …. needs to be removed. So that love, harmony and peace can find place in heart. Such cleaning is not a one time act but a continuous process. One needs to be alert to remove all such feelings. If such feelings will remain for long time in heart, it will spoil mind and soul. The ultimate result will be the downfall of the individual himself.

A contaminated heart will contaminate soul. A contaminated soul results to the downfall of the energy of soul. A soul without energy is equivalent to the soul without life. It is true, that a soul cannot die, soul cannot be burnt but it is equivalent true that contaminated soul is without life. A soul without life cannot reach its destination, which is the Supreme God.


Few thoughts on Anger

People tell me I am aggressive. I dont deny the fact that I am aggressive and I work to control it. In this process of learning to control anger, I came across few things which I would like to share.

A person gets angry when he is not able to do things as per his wish. A person gets angry when he is wrong and dont want to admit. A person gets angry when others dont obey him. A person will get angry when the person whom he love is insulted or hurt by others.

So, one form of anger is that of Ravan, another form is that of Lakshman. A form of anger is that of Dronacharya and another form of anger is of Kaikey

If we look carefully Ravan use to get angry when people dont obey him. He got angry when he was not able to marry Sita. He got angry when his sister Surpanakha’s husband refrained from following his thoughts and views. This anger of his was the result of the thought, “Whatever I do, I am doing everything fair and legal.”, “I am the best”, “I am the supreme power and all should follow him.” The powers he had accquired which he was not able to control gave birth to ego and all these thoughts of his. And this ego and thoughts gave birth to anger. Such anger is harmful to the society as well as to the person who is the victim of such anger.

Lakshman was also termed aggressive. He got angry when Kaikey exciled Ram. He got angry when Surpanakha proposed for marriage. He got angry when Sugriv forgot everything after the death of his brother. This anger of his was the result of his passionate love for Ram. He was not able to tolerate any misbehavior of others towards Ram and Sita. In his anger there was a feeling of mother or guardian who always wants to protect loved ones. He use to burn his heart for them whom he loved more than himself. This anger is somewhere like a burning lamp, if you blow from wrong side it will burn you.

Dronacharya was best teacher and he wished his student to be the world’s best in archery. When he came to know Eklavya have the capability of being the world’s best he got angry, he asked for thumb as fees. This anger of his was the result of situations which he never thought of and never wish to come up. The thought is like a child who think that he will get whatever he dream and world will work as per his thoughts.

Many people get angry when they are shown mirror and asked to note their mistakes. Such anger also comes from ego and the thought “I am the best”.

Of all these forms of anger, the best anger according to me is that of Lakshman. Though anger in any form is not good, but if something good have to be found from all this, then it is the anger of Lakshman. Lakshman was devotee from heart and soul, his act and his thoughts were centered around Ram and Sita. So whenever anger comes out of feelings towards loved ones, one can be saved from the evils of anger.

Lesson by Trees

There are now very few trees left around my locality among those there are trees which are like grandparents to me.  Like other days I was watching them it was a time to relax for me, enjoy clouds, wind, birds, flowers, trees and plants. Somehow these days feel like they are my friends and guardians. This view came that relaxing evening when I learned a really incredible lesson from those trees.

1)      They stand tall in extreme hot summer noon and give pleasure to those who take shelter in their shadow. How peaceful people sleep in that shadow? How relaxed we feel in that shadow?

2)      In rainy days, they give shelter to many creatures (insects, birds, animals and human beings) who are trying to protect themselves from rain. How can I forget their contribution in enriching soil with minerals and retaining soil?

3)      They give beautiful flowers and fruits, wood to keep us warm in winter, cook food and make house.

Everything they give us and other creatures without any expectation to get things in return. And there came a lesson, “Any act done without any expectation brings eternal peace within the performer, makes surroundings pleasant, soothing, and happy where every soul will love to be, where soul will flourish. Where all this is present, there will be God.”

Trees give shelter to birds all spices of birds find shelter on trees. Irrespective of nature of birds they equally get shelter on trees.

Same with animals, a lion can rest in the shadow of a tree in the similar manner a deer can rest. No discrimination.

Trees are home of snakes and various small insects. How steady nature of trees is? No matter with whom they are they keep on flourishing, blooming, they give fruits and their shadow still remains the same even if the snake rests on a branch.

There came another lesson, “People will approach you with selfishness, venomous thoughts, they would come to you to take as much as benefit they can, let them be happy with their nature. Give them happiness and pleasure with your act, don’t let your focus get diluted, be what you are and forgive them for what they are.

What an incredible lesson it is, “Snake is meant to be venomous but you are meant to flourish, bloom, grow. Be performer and enjoy all situations.

Sita went to meet Ram

The event: Sita with curiousness goes to see Ram.

The description of this event by Tulsiji elude my heart such that I am inclined to add certain lines from my side. Even I broke my tradition to write in English.

Later I will translate this post in English.

आज प्रातः राम कथा सुन्नेका अवसर मिला. कथाकार सीता ओर राम के मिलन की बात कर रहेथे. ओर मन को जाने क्या होगया के तुलसीदास के दोहे मे कुछ ओर लिखने की इच्छा हो गई.

तुलसीदास जी कहते हे की राम सुबह मिथिला की पुष्पवाटिका मे लक्ष्मण के साथ पुष्प चुनने आते हे. सीता भी अपनी बहनो ओर सहेलियो के साथ गोरी पूजा के लिए वाटिका के पास के मंदिर मे आती हे.

एक सखी सब से पीछे रह जाती हे, जो सीता के पास आते ही राम ओर लक्ष्मण की बात करती हे, उस ने दोनो भाई को देखा हे, दोनो सुंदर हे, उन्होने सबपे मोहनी डाली हे. सखी सीता को एक बार उन्हे देखने को कहती हे.

सीता भी उन्हे देखने को उत्सुक हो जाती हे. ओर सब के साथ पुष्पवाटिका की ओर चल पड़ती हे.
तुलसीदासजी कहते हे, “सीता के घुघरू छनकते हे जेसे वो रास्ते मे आते तालाब से गुजरती हे, उनको देखतेही फुलो से लदी डाली भी झुक जाती हे, शर्माती थोड़ी लाजाति वो राम को देखने चली”.

तुलसीदासजी ने थोड़ासा श्रीगार रस मिलाया हे इस प्रसंग मे ओर मे जो की इस प्रसंग मे खोगई हू कुछ ओर जोड़ना चाहती हू

“सीता अपनी सखियो ओर बहनो के साथ माता की पूजा कर रही थी जब एक सखी वाटिका मे आए दो राजकुमार की सूचना देती हे, साथ ही दोनो की मनोहर छबि के गुण बखनती हे ओर सभी सीता को उन्हे एक बार देखेने की बात करती हे.
सीता के मन मे दोनो को देखने की इछा हो आती हे, ओर वो सखियो के साथ वाटिका की ओर चल पदती हे.
कोमल पाव पर मेहदी सजी हे, जब ये कोम्ल पाव धरा पर रखती हे तो पायल का मधुर स्वर गुजते हे. मीठे पायल के सुर से हवा मे मिठास फेल गयी, लताए जुक गयी हे

karma bandhan

While reading Bhagavad Purana a question came in mind, Krishna and Ram were incarnation of Sri Vishnu then why Ram had to live in forest for 14 years?, why Ram had to stay away from Sita?, why Krishna lived away from parents?, why an injury was the cause of death of Krishna?

“All is bond by Karma, this bond leads to another bond if we become servant of the bond.”

As per ram katha, a sage’s wife gave shelter to devils during war of God and devils, angry with this, Vishnu took life of her. Sage got angry and cursed Vishnu that he will take birth as man on earth and will suffer the pain of separation. Same way Krishna’s death was result of curse.

All was pre-determined, all was the result of Karma. All is having bond of Karma.

There comes a question, how can Vishnu be bond by Karma?

Followed by the answer which have words of Krishna, “No one including me can stay away from the bond of karma“. Maya, Karma are creations of vishnu. Vishnu in the form of incarnation accepts them and acts but without affection.

This was a big lesson, which is guiding me all the time to perform my duties without affection, with the feeling that i am not the “Karta”.