Lotus – a symbol of divine beauty unaffected by sin

Lotus holds a special position in Hinduisum and couple of cultures. Lotus is said to be the flower loved by Vishu and Lakshmi. A bloomed lotus is said to be uncovering the creator God Bhrama. It is also symbolized as expansion of the soul.

As a child I use to wonder what makes a Lotus flower, a flower loved by God when there are lots of spieces of flowers on earth. Is it merely beauty that would make lotus a loved flower? I use to ask my elders all such questions.
Now, I can relate why Lotus is a special flower. With this post I would like to share my reason for Lotus being a special flower.

Lotus grow in a mudy area, which will not be a solid land, nor it will be complete water. It would be a mixture of both. So a lotus will have roots in earth and grow through water, which are two essential elements of nature (referred as 5 mahabhuta in literature) and body.
It have a long stem coming out of water. This is the stem where the lotus would bloom. The flower bloom outside the water, in air. If a drop of water falls on the leaf or petal of lotus,it will easily slide off. The perfect example of detachment. The combination of elements earth (mud), air, fire (sun light) and water. It seems to teach us to learn about our spiritual base and grow ourselves in the path of salvation.

Keeping the preaching of salvation or purpose of life aside, we can still implement the preaching of lotus in our day to day activities. We can perform all our duties without getting attached to it. We are asked to perform our duties and not to think about the result. Logically, if you would have performed all our duties with heart without attachment, you will get the best result. All such duties performed without attachment becomes automatically free from all sin and is immediately rewarded by God.

The lesson of purity learnt from lotus can also be implemented on speech, body and mind. Never speak anything bad or against the wellfare of others. Keep your thoughts clean for others. I could say this now, even if the person has done worst to you, honestly they would have only done good to you. A person doing bad to you is chosen by God. They have the courage to be bad with you to teach you some lesson, to bring you near to your spiritual goal. The more you will clean your heart, mind and speech the more you will feel happy and some day for sure you will be blessed by God.


Lotus holds a special position in Hinduisum and couple of cultures. Lotus is said to be the flower loved by Vishu and Lakshmi. A bloomed lotus is said to be uncovering the creator God Bhrama. It is also symbolized as expansion of the soul.

As a child I use to wonder what makes a Lotus flower, a flower loved by God when there are lots of spieces of flowers on earth. Is it merely beauty that would make lotus a loved flower? I use to ask my elders all such questions.
Now, I can relate why Lotus is a special flower. With this post I would like to share my reason for Lotus being a special flower.

Lotus grow in a mudy area, which will not be a solid land, nor it will be complete water. It would be a mixture of both. So a lotus will have roots in earth and grow through water, which are two essential elements of nature (referred as 5 mahabhuta in literature) and body.
It have a long stem coming out of water. This is the stem where the lotus would bloom.


Living life is loving life

Always while reading Gita and Bhagavad Purana I wonder how extensive is the character of Krishna if it is a song or an epic. After reading each every time I find a new horizon of his character.

Everything revolves around Krishna and Krishna is in everything. He is like butter hidden in milk. But this post is not all about him or his form.

While reading Gita, I came across a question, “why Krishna had pain or complain about his life as a child?” He was son of a King, yet he was living his childhood as a shepherd. Instead of servants taking his care, he used to take care of cows.  If we would be in his place, I am sure we would have some regret or complain about such a situation.

The way he took his life, his childhood. No matter where you are born and brought up or you live, it is you who make yourself. As a child any act of Krishna was very clear and full of confidence. He knew what he was doing. Even if it was killing devils or teasing “Gopis” he was very clear in his thoughts. He was not focused on pleasures of Palace. He was not focused on knowing whose son he is. He just knew everyone is a part of his family. He was related to everyone. Rather he is related to everyone.

It also makes me realize, he was living his life and thus loving his life. When you are happy with what you have; what you chose and what you do; then you live life in that moment. As a child we are always happy being enjoying sleep, food and games. But as we grow put this happiness in fences. Before going to sleep either we think of upcoming tasks, events, money, and our fights with others or others behavior towards us. We hardly take a note of good things we had done in the whole day. So we end-up with sadness. A pile of such days, months and years make us away from our life. We forget to live. We forget when last time we enjoyed ice-cream, a nap or a ride.

Instead of having plate full of sweet and delicious dishes, if you have bread with some vegetable and if you eat with “Thanks” to God for giving you that food; definitely you will enjoy that food. It will give you happiness same way as Krishna was happy having meals in forest with fellow shepherds and cows. There were no coolers; no A.C., no fans and the plates were filled with some bread that they would have taken with them before leaving home. Oh!!! I forgot, there was no oven to warm up bread. He was still enjoying his food.

Take the example of his poor friend “Sudama” who came to meet his friend Krishna, who was then a king. Sudama had brought with him some rice which was the only food left in his house when he left home to meet Krishna. Krishna was happy to eat that rice. He saw love of his friend not the food.

So it is all about how you see the life and events. If you fail in exam and start crying for failure, you will never find out a way to success, because your eyes are filled with water. If you complain about your past, you will never be able to find best things in your past and this will not let you live in your present. When you are not living in your present, you are not living your life. Thank you, Krishna for teaching, living life is loving life.

What is the use to show skills to blind

kabir dohe


Translation: When Kabir is asked to teach an intellectual then he feels shy. What is the use of showing dancing skills to one who is blind.


Kabirji’s doha on intellectual is evident when we face people who say they are ‘intellectual’ and when we meet people who pretend to be ‘intellectual’. I doubt whether these two categories of people know whether they are aware of the fact, “the true intellect is one who is aware of past, present and future.” When I say aware, I mean, know what they have done in past. I am sure if I will ask above specified two categories of people a question, “are you aware of what you have done in past?”, following will be the answer. “Yes. I have earned some N amount.” or “I was a topper.” or “I am best of all in <some place>”. or “Yes. I attend regular classes of <spiritual guru>”

A real intellect will never express his work done for the welfare of the society. He will be aware of his past deeds, good or bad. That is, he would be aware of his mistake of hurting someone with his words or deeds. (An intellect will never hurt anyone with intension). He will always watch his deeds and improve himself over his mistakes. A real intellect will not worry about future. When such a person faces so called ‘intellect’ will prefer to be silent. He would feel shy to teach such ‘intellect’ people.

To Forgive

We often advice people to forgive others. We knowingly or unknowingly hurt others by our words, act and attitude.

Casually we say “sorry”, “pardon me” and at times of festival we meet every friend and relative with a request to forgive us for knowingly or unknowingly being hurt. IS IT ENOUGH!!!!!

Can “Sorry” be enough? Does “Sorry” give us the license to do another mistake?

Or “sorry” teach us something….

It is not easy to forgive someone. If you have never given forgiveness, it would be difficult for you to forgive. Forgiving someone is not easy.

At first you will have to realize that you are equally responsible for the mistake though not in all cases but in few cases both are equally responsible.  How you could be responsible? You react with anger when someone hurt you and thus you become responsible of hurting the other. You reflect the act done by others to you and share the responsibility.

When you decide to forgive, you will first of all have to stop reacting. When you stop reacting over others actions, you will start remembering their wrong deeds. I would say, you will start revisiting those deeds again and again. In this act of revisiting you will again be trapped in anger and would like to react, would not like to forgive others. But be firm on the decision to forgive. You will keep on revisiting wrong deeds of others for some time, but every time you revisit those deeds, you would realize that those who did wrong to you were ignorant of what they are doing, you will find their behavior childish and your heat will be filled with pity on them. If not with pity you would realize that you can forgive them.

Slowly when you realize that you can forgive them you may even feel like you are good or better than them… a form of ego…

But while putting efforts in forgiving you will soon realize you are not better… neither you are best nor they… neither you are doing good to yourself or to them… you are working to free yourself from the fire of anger and the feeling to punish them.

Yes, when someone does something wrong to you, you will be filled with anger and you would find all the possible way to punish them. Unknowingly you keep on burning yourself in anger and the desire to punish.

We can say, to forgive someone is the best punishment.

I would say, when you forgive someone from heart, you will be in a state where the wrong deeds done by others will no more be painful to you, those deeds would not be important to you and later you would feel you find those people as creation of god, a creation like you, and would pray for their well-being and goodness.

I could say all this as I have reached to the state of forgiveness where I am able to pray for well-being and goodness of those who did wrong to me, who do wrong to me.

Anger a type of violence

Violence is not only killing or beating others but it is hurting others with words and action.

One must not forget, if anger is fire it not only burns the one who is angry it burns the one who is victim of anger.

In anger many a times we would have used bad language for others. Many a times if others would not have accepted our sway (prabhuta) we would have used bad words. It is violence, it burns the speaker’s good thoughts and even burns the happiness of the listener.

Many a times we would have been angry for people driving vaguely and we would have cursed them or we shout on them. It is violence. Similarly cursing chef for food, is a violence.

If we are in meeting and someone comes to us with a request for help in job and if we use ill words, we are doing violence. Knowingly and unknowingly we do such violence every day.

One should try and avoid such violence. The effect of such violence could not be seen on body but could be felt on thoughts. This violence burns the harmony and peace in the atmosphere and a natural goodness of soul.

Salt a healing remedy and a poison

Salt is an essential element of food.

Many eat access salt, it is always said by doctors and elders, “don’t eat too much of salt”.

A question comes then, when salt is essential element why there are restrictions?

An answer to this question based on my understanding and knowledge: – Salt is required to keep the body cells free from toxics. Body emit toxics from kidney and body cell through water. In this process of cleaning cells body takes base of different elements of salt, calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper and iron. Because of these elements salt plays important role in healing of many diseases in human body, like swelling of body, legs and hand, puffy eyes, blood circulation etc. The excess of such elements may result in arthritis, gout and rheumatism, as well as kidney and gall bladder stones, Alzheimer disease and improper circulation of blood in body.

Eating excess of salt increases the level of different elements of salt in body and cells. Against this excess of elements if the level of exercise is low then that excess will act as poison.

Few observations: A healer and orthopedic doctors would suggest patients an experiment of salt, dip the injured part in salt water and then clean water. In coordination with the above points specified as answer, I can now understand why they suggest such experiment.

When salt is placed directly on tongue, a tingling feeling can be observed in the cells of tongue, which alerts each sensitive cells of body and water in form of saliva is extracted from taste buds.

Controlling intake of salt may help in controlling certain hazards of salt. If someone is taking more of salt then while reducing the intakes of salt, one should take more of water and increase exercise level.

How useful a human is?

People around the world cry for different cause – save birds, save tigers, save water, save trees, save earth….. We take some or the other thing from these species of earth. In fact, we take a lot from earth.

What we give?

This question will make you scratch your head. We don’t feed other species rather we don’t let other species live their life.

Trees gives us fruits, flowers and shadow but we never give shelter to our parents, we hesitate to give shelter to friends and relatives. If a relative spends few days, our schedule gets disturbed and we wish them to aideu us. If it’s raining heavily and someone asks for lift, honestly many of us would make face.

Tigers and hippopotamus are killed for their skin, bones…. But never a man is killed for such reason though women will be killed for money.

All elements of nature suffice each other’s needs selflessly but human will always find benefits. In return to lending helping hand to others people always think what they will get in return. The irony is, we never hesitate in taking help but we always think millions of time in giving help.

So if not a living man is helpful to others, will he be helpful after death?


Very few would have donated eyes or in rare case body or parts of body to needy after their death. This made me think does holy scripts restrict? The answer came to me is NO

It is we who have made our mindset such that we don’t offer help but take help.

Research of J. C. Bose – Parts from autobiography of a yogi

I happen to come across following quotes about research of J.C.Bose in the book autobiography of a yogi.

Years later Bose’s pioneer plant findings were substantiated by other scientists. Work done in 1938 at
Columbia University was reported by THE NEW YORK TIMES as follows:

It has been determined within the past few years that when the nerves transmit messages between the brain
and other parts of the body, tiny electrical impulses are being generated. These impulses have been measured
by delicate galvanometers and magnified millions of times by modern amplifying apparatus. Until now no
satisfactory method had been found to study the passages of the impulses along the nerve fibers in living
animals or man because of the great speed with which these impulses travel.


While reading these lines, i imagined following points.

— Every living and non living creature is a smart structure of physics and life science.

— Each part and cell of body or mass is associated with each other. They communicate life force.

— Each body or mass is a formation of electromagnetic waves in a way.

— These ways are always active within the body or mass.

— As said in the above quote, electrical impulses or what i refer as electromagnetic waves are generated by brain and other parts of the body. It is hard to see with cosmic eyes and requires efforts to measure its frequency. But it could be felt.

— Many creatures can easily feel these waves or electrical impulses. While certain creatures are neutral to such feeling.

— Centuries back, in the age of Shuka, Patanjali and other such rishis, the art of feeling and giving respect to these electical impulses were known and preserved.

Gyana Parampara

evam parampara-praptam
imam rajarsayo viduh
sa kaleneha mahata
yogo nastah parantapa

Years back, in Nalanda and even before, Guru – Shishya parampara was followed. The best part of this parampara was knowledge was handed down in regular succession from generation to generation. If I refer “Bhagavad Purana” or “Garuda Purana” or “Agni Purana” then the first apparent teacher was “tridev” (Vishnu, Bhrama and Mahesh). These three teachers are the sources of knowledge. Not getting into more details here about “tridev”, I would like to elobrate this shloka of Gita.

Krishna, addressing Arjuna, says, “This knowledge was handed down in regular succession from generation to generation. The royal sages knew this yoga. But by long lapse of time it has been lost here.”

Krishna, in this shloka refers to a type of rishi, “Rajarishi”.

A Rishi is said to have thorough knowledge of Vedic scriptures and culture. They are ideal for others to follow the path of spiritual development. They have conquered the mind and senses, practices the art of “Nishkama karma and karma Phala tyaga”. They have attained a vision of the “supreme”.

Rishi can be classified as Maharshi, Rajarshi, Brahmarshi and Devarshi.

Rishis following the parampara of imparting knowledge to successors use to first choose a disciple. The motive of such parampara was to preserve the true essense of knowledge. With this shloka, Krishna says, the parampara of imparting knowledge has been lost. People in the name of knowledge impart their interpretations, which is like half cooked food. To grasp the eternal knowledge, true knowledge and the essense of vedic scriptures, one must have spiritual eyes and ears. Cosmic body is not capable of handling such beautiful knowledge.

In Bhagavad Purana, Shukdev muni, narrates the importance of the eternal knowledge with the following incident.

“With the intension to have benefits of divine knowledge Indra and others come to see Sutaji. Knowing the intenstions of Indra and others, Sutaji, laughs on them and says, you cant get the true eternal knowledge in return of ‘amrita’.” So was the valuable the eternal knowledge and essense of Gita. That one day, Bhrama decided to weigh it, he placed all the divinity like Kalpavriksha, Amrita on one side of the weighing scale and the Bhagavata Gita on the other side of the weighing scale. To the surprise of all, the Bhagavata Gita weigh more than all the divinity.

In the name of knowledge and spirituality people have learnt to earn money and fame. On the name of Krishna and Vishnu and the Supreme, they impart their feelings, understanding (which is half cooked food), dreams (to be hero, powerful) and aspiration.

Again, taking reference of Shukdev muni’s words from Bhagavad Purana, “This knowledge is sweeter than mangoo, yet it doesnt have elements like skin which other fruits have. One can only enjoy and relish its sweetness when he devotes himself wholeheartedly.”

Natural Preservative

Mother nature have blessed us with easy to get and use preservatives, which we can use with food still can avoid harmful effects of preservatives.

Natural Preservative: salt, sugar, honey, vegetable oil, alcohol, castor oil

Natural Preservation techniques: freezing, pickling, smoking and salting

Use of Salt as preservative: Salt cubes if placed in grains will save grains from insects. Salt cubes placed in chilly powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, carom seeds and cumin seeds will save them from getting spoiled and maintain their fragrance and flavor.

Use of Salt and Sugar cyrup: Any food item if soaked in Salt or Sugar or Salt and Sugar cyrup and kept in freezer may last long. But vegetables like bittergourd will be soon distroyed if soaked in salt and kept for more than 5 minutes.

Use of Vegetable oil and Castor Oil: oiling food grains like wheat with castor oil will save wheat from getting spoiled. Oiling rice with vegetable oil will save rice from getting spoiled.

Other ways of Preservation: Mercury Tablets – a grayies color tablets of mercury could be placed in food grains like bengal gram, green gram, golden gram to save them from getting spoiled.

A powder made from shell material can be mixed with Black lentils and White lentils can save them from getting spoiled.



Above said are the most common and ancient techniques to preseve food. Apart from this books and clothes can be preserved from insects if adirachta indica’s dry leaf, whose taste is bitter is placed with books and clothes.