Birth of Supreme Power

Every year the birth of Krishna is celebrated with pomp and enthusiasm. Thousands of people across the nation observe fast and wait for the moment of the historical event, the even of birth of Krishna.

Krishna even after years attract hearts and his preachings even today help resolve issues, pain and troubles. His smiling face and attractive images even today attract hearts across the nation.

Today looking at his attractive images, I felt if he would be in front of me I would have spent hours and hours watching him, talking to him, listening to him….. ah!!! all kind of dreams.

But he learned me a lesson, “Do you work with all dedication, ensure your each step is towards the well being of the task or work but never get attached to the work. Never get attached to the events. Don’t say that “this work is mine”, ” I have done this”, “because of me this happened”

I have taken note of his lesson and have written at a place where I can see this lesson whenever I want in 24 hours.

What did you learn from him? 🙂