Bhagavad Puran – Jadabharat and King Rahugan

Bhagavad Puran – Skanda 5 – Chapter 12 – King Rahugan’s question and Jadabharat’s answer.

When King Rahugan scolds Jadabharat who was carrying sedan of king without care. After silently listening king’s words, Jadabharat who use to be always silent speaks to impart knowledge with the purpose to open his eyes and guide him to salvation.
Jadabharat’s knowledge touched soul of king and king who use to pretend to be scholar, bows to Jadabharat and requests him to explain his knowledge imparted in symbolic words.

The said chapter is really interesting in context of
The answer of Jadabharat defines
1. body
2. mind or brain
3. Ego
4. Earth
5. Maya
6. God
7. How to reach near to God

My main interest for the purpose of this post is the definition of God.

The definition of God as per Jadabharat: Truely pure, spiritual knowledge, unique and the complete knowledge free from the difference of inside-outside is only truth. This truth is ‘The inner ruler of everything’ (Sarvantaryami) and completely free from all worldly vices (nirvikar). Such truth is known as ‘God’ and is referred by scholars as ‘Vasudeva’.

Such words can only come from the person who have learned the lessons of truth and thereby achieved knowledge of ‘God’ referred in his answer.

While trying to understand the definition of God given by Jadabharat then the first realization I get is: ‘Soul’. Soul of any creation is Truely pure, filled with spiritual knowledge, free from the difference of inside-outside, worldly vices. Refer this in the light of Gita, Krishna clearly says that your soul is not affected by worldly vices, is free from pain, sorrow, happiness, ego… So God is there in the form of Soul in every creation. It is we who have to bring in ourselves the consciousness to learn and acknowledge this form of ourselves (Soul).

I am still not so capable to explain all the terms of the definition but with the knowledge and sense I have I will try to explain them in the following posts.

To Forgive

We often advice people to forgive others. We knowingly or unknowingly hurt others by our words, act and attitude.

Casually we say “sorry”, “pardon me” and at times of festival we meet every friend and relative with a request to forgive us for knowingly or unknowingly being hurt. IS IT ENOUGH!!!!!

Can “Sorry” be enough? Does “Sorry” give us the license to do another mistake?

Or “sorry” teach us something….

It is not easy to forgive someone. If you have never given forgiveness, it would be difficult for you to forgive. Forgiving someone is not easy.

At first you will have to realize that you are equally responsible for the mistake though not in all cases but in few cases both are equally responsible.  How you could be responsible? You react with anger when someone hurt you and thus you become responsible of hurting the other. You reflect the act done by others to you and share the responsibility.

When you decide to forgive, you will first of all have to stop reacting. When you stop reacting over others actions, you will start remembering their wrong deeds. I would say, you will start revisiting those deeds again and again. In this act of revisiting you will again be trapped in anger and would like to react, would not like to forgive others. But be firm on the decision to forgive. You will keep on revisiting wrong deeds of others for some time, but every time you revisit those deeds, you would realize that those who did wrong to you were ignorant of what they are doing, you will find their behavior childish and your heat will be filled with pity on them. If not with pity you would realize that you can forgive them.

Slowly when you realize that you can forgive them you may even feel like you are good or better than them… a form of ego…

But while putting efforts in forgiving you will soon realize you are not better… neither you are best nor they… neither you are doing good to yourself or to them… you are working to free yourself from the fire of anger and the feeling to punish them.

Yes, when someone does something wrong to you, you will be filled with anger and you would find all the possible way to punish them. Unknowingly you keep on burning yourself in anger and the desire to punish.

We can say, to forgive someone is the best punishment.

I would say, when you forgive someone from heart, you will be in a state where the wrong deeds done by others will no more be painful to you, those deeds would not be important to you and later you would feel you find those people as creation of god, a creation like you, and would pray for their well-being and goodness.

I could say all this as I have reached to the state of forgiveness where I am able to pray for well-being and goodness of those who did wrong to me, who do wrong to me.

Beaware of Lust Infatuation and Wrath

There is no disease (so destructive) as lust; no enemy like infatuation; no fire like wrath; and no happiness like spiritual knowledge

I was reading a script and came across the above stated quote. All most every one knows about this but still many of us are slaves of these three things.

It is truly said that Lust is a disease. Disease of mind which kills soul and happiness. While creating life God had placed a system in every life to reproduce life. And to generate interest in reproduction or encourage life for reproduction  God have kept an attraction between lives. This attraction gives birth to desire and with the good efforts of good thoughts life gets regenerated. But if one forgets to control the horse of desire and attraction, he finds himself lost in the desert of Lust. There is an industry which is like desert where people come in search of happiness and or love but get lost in the winds of desert. 100 bottles of liquor may not damage you much but Lust will damage your thought and soul within a very short time period. It is like a paralysis of thought.

Another thing that harms your good thinking and stops your mind from thinking big is Infatuation. Infatuation is a feeling. Many have told me that they are in love but when i ask them the reason or check their commitment then i see that they are infatuated and not in real love. Real love is commitment. It is divine and brings two soul together not only the two bodies together. Infatuation becomes your enemy when you get totally absorbed with the thought and get attracted to someone or something. You loose the sense of what is true and false and try to please the other in the best possible manner. In this you create a lot of enemies. An infatuated person loses himself. And when you are not in you, you are like a dead body. You loose sense of what is good and what is bad.

Anger or Wrath is worst, yes, it burns not only your soul but others mood and happiness. A spark of anger is enough to burn you in full and others. Anger is chronic in itself. It starts with a small spark and encourages itself to grow. It then burns your energy and happiness within you. This fire cant be seen with eyes but could be felt. This fire is like a fire in forest, it catches others soon and the more it catch holds of others it becomes furious.

The only thing that can help one go stay away from all these things is Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom. Making a habit to read at-least one word of such scripts can help you cultivate your mind and thoughts. With such mind you will be able to keep away from such evils.

I went to search for crooked

let me liberateBura Jo Dekhan Main Chala, Bura Naa Milya Koye
Jo Munn Khoja Apnaa, To Mujhse Bura Naa Koye

English Version::

I searched for the crooked, met not a single one
When searched myself, “I” found the crooked one

I meet with a boy who was being cheated. He was not crying but he was sad. He was in his deep thought. I went to him thinking I can help him out. I asked him what happened he told his story. How he was cheated. It was his own sister and brother who washed his brain, with empty brain he went to take the challenge. He knew he would be punished if he do so, but still he went ahead to take the challenge. As his mind was ruled by the words of his brother and sister. As expected he failed to prove the challenge and the result was horrible. It was worst than expected. Now he was trying to find out whom should he blame for his condition.

I was listening thinking that it would be good at this moment to lend him ears, after he finish I may put my point.

He told he thought a lot, if he blames his brother and sister then too he finds his own fault first. I asked “why?”

He told, “didi, they were putting weeds in my brain, they were forcing me to take up such steps and I did so. So whose fault is there, its mine. I should have taken care of not listening them.” I could just nod my head as he was right.

He continued, “If I blame those people with whom I played that challenge then too I find my fault.” I asked “why?”

He told, “didi, they have never forced me to take challenge with them, while talking to them my mind had given me the idea of the result, though it was not as worst as the actual result but never the less I had idea of the result. So in directly they had also given me hint of the worst result but it was me and only me who kept driving me to accept that challenge and so I am at fault.” I could only nod as I knew he was right.

Then I asked “why are you worried then?”, he told, “When we know others are at fault, how easily we give them punishment but when we know we are fault why can’t we give ourselves punishment?” I had no answer for this or may be I was not willing to answer him, so remained silent for a while and tried to diver his mind.

We all find faults in others all the time, if we meet with an accident, we first of tell, that person was coming in wrong side, had not shown signal  or was driving very fast and gently put, I was driving slowly and was trying to protect that person or protect kids or cat or dog or i was not aware of how he took all of a sudden turn and we meet with accident. All sorts of excuses. But have we honestly tried to put what was our fault?

In women one thing is common, if they gather in some social meeting or religious meeting, they would start finding faults of their daughter-in-laws, they would find faults of daughters of their neighbors and faults in all other spices in this world. But if you ask them what is your fault or ask them to look their face in the mirror and find some faults then, what would be the outcome? I am sure, they will break mirror or atleast break my head.

I have been into such situations where I had blamed many, but i remember my soul have always asked me to look at me first. There are certain events at which I was not able to say sorry for my blames but there are events where I have either not blamed or would have asked for sorry.

With this line of Kabirji, I remember “those whose house is of glasses should not throw stones on others’ house”. Gita also says, forget “I”, “My” and learn “we”, “our”.

What is Gita?

Before answering this question, I would briefly narrate my experience.  I was a teenager waiting for my graduation results when I happen to receive a currier of ISCON temple containing Prasadam, CD and some other material. My father is used to give donations to temple every year. I opened the packet and was delighted to find CD. I wished to listen and or view the material in the CD. With eager hands I placed that CD in my computer, which i love most, and started enjoying verses of Gita. From that day, I use to listen Gita everyday. Till I got some odd job and admission in post graduation. I use to listen it almost for half of the day. I would admit here, I fell in love with the 10th chapter and unknowingly I started to follow that chapter. Learned ways to meditate. Honestly, it use to give me a lot of piece and enjoyment. Gradually with hectic schedules I was unable to grab that CD. But fortunately I managed to return back to Gita. I would term it as my mother here. And for how many days a mother can remain away from her child?

While I returned back. I learned meaning of Gita and felt like being grown-up. It showed me path in my life. It became my teacher and showed me a new world of knowledge, eternal light, full of peace and happiness. After knowing this world, I was surprised to find why I was not able to touch that world earlier when I use to listen Gita every day? Gita answered all my such questions. Though I say I learned a lot from Gita, I feel like its just 0.005% of what Gita can teach one.

What is Gita?

If you go with the meaning of the word, Gita, means song. In sanskrit, Geet, means, a song. Bhagavad means fortune or fortune maker. Thus, Bhagavad Gita in whole, means, the Song which tells the glory of fortune maker, or the glory of lord.