Bhagavad Puran – Adhyatma yoga

Bhagavad Puran – Skanda 2 – Chapter 25 – Kapil muni’s answers to Devbhuti’s questions.

Devbhuti mother of Kapil muni asks questions about salvation and liberation from the worldly pleasures. Kapil muni is incarnation of God Vishnu who took birth in Devbhuti’s house to preach the lessons of Sankhya yoga, Adhyatma yoga.

Devbhuti have spent years in upbringing of her 9 daughters and a son Kapil muni. Her life was like a normal woman, spent in kitchen, upbringing children and house keeping. She was far from the knowledge of Soul. What she can do to free her mind from the clutches of worldly pleasures, worries of life and family? With this question in her mind once she asks Kapil muni to preach her the lessons through which she can free her self from the clutches of worldly pleasures, worries of life and family (moha, maya, mamta) and attain salvation (moksha).

Kapil being pleased with her question narrates her the ‘Adhyatma yoga’. This form of yoga is the only way to liberate mind from the clutches of worldly pleasures, worries of life and family. This yoga helps one free themselves from the bonds of happiness and sadness. Mind/ heart is the only reason for forming clutches/ bonds and giving freedom/ salvation/ liberty. When Mind/ heart is surrounded by worldly pleasures/ entities/ subjects/ life/ family only forms clutches/ bonds with worldly pleasures/ entities/ subjects/ life/ family, and there by forms bonds of karma. This bonds of karma is a viscous circle which never ends until it is broken by the knowledge. The knowledge that we are in clutches/ bonds of worldly pleasures/ entities/ subjects/ life/ family. When Mind/ heart is surrounded by the knowledge of God, the knowledge of soul, the knowledge/ realization of oneself being a soul and not the body becomes reason for salvation/ liberty.

In Gita, Krishan says the same thing to Arjuna. Mind is very powerful. It can drive you in bonds of worldly pleasures/ entities/ subjects/ life/ family and it can also make you free from such bonds. But the condition is you have to be in the driver seat. Don’t let your mind/ heart to be in the driver seat. Don’t forget your real purpose of life. Don’t fall trap of ‘this is me and that is mine’. ‘Nothing in this world from earth to sky belongs to oneself. Nothing from the earth to sky is creation of oneself. The people whom one terms are family are just bonds created during a journey. These people either were there in the journey or they joined the journey for a while and may not be there in the journey.’

The feelings of happiness and sadness is just a face of situation. It depends on how one takes a situation. It is same as the theory of perception. You can be happy with half filled glass or you can cry for the half filled glass.

Step 1 of Adhyatma yoga – Free your mind/ heart from the bonds of worldly pleasures/ entities/ subjects/ life/ family. Free yourself from the trap of ‘this is me and that is mine’.

Result of Step1 – Your mind/ heart will be free from the feelings of happiness and sadness. Mind/ heart will be in neutral state. That is it start taking all situations neutrally. This will help mind/ heart to be filled with Knowledge, Detachment, Dispassion,  Devotion (Gyana, Vairagya, Bhakti) and see soul above nature (prakriti) and see this soul as a small light (jyoti).

Step 2 of Adhyatma yoga – Be in touch with people who have passed through Step 1.

Result of Step 2 – Such people will help you to maintain the state achieved in Step 1 and in long run one will realize that God is only in their soul.

God- a mystery or reality

I would like to first of all put my views on God then quote my readings and findings in later post.

If being asked who is God then I would say, Its “You” who is God. 🙂 Surprised. I have my own thinking to support this. When you read Gita, Krishna explains Arujuna that he, God, is sanatan satya, he never dies, never looses his memory and is all above materialist pleasures. He has created all these pleasures but is not attached to these pleasures. He is an actor at the same time he is an observer. If he is acting, his acts are not affected by Moh and Maya. When being asked about his form, he said, I dont have any form. But you can see me in any form you want me to be in.

So he is ajanma and formless. He is in each atom of this world. Then I think he is my “good senses”, my “mind” which observes my each and every act and guides me at each step. Is it not what Krishna did with Arujuna? He was guider of his senses and showed him ways.

If yes, then is it not enough to say that God is “you” rather your mind or your consciousness which observes each and every step of yours and guides you.

Have you observed when you are going to take any decision, you will find two parts of yourself giving you different options and views. Depending on the situation you get good options and bad options from these parts. And whom do you follow? You follow either of these options. Your decision is affected on how you take the situation. Or shall I say that your decision is affected by Rajo Guna or Tamo Guna or Sattva Guna. Which ever guna satisfies you, you take decision based on the situations, chosen guna shows you.

If God is formless, how can I define him in any form? If you are a real object in this real world and if the above stated arguments are satisfactory then, how can I term God as mystery?

But before getting excited and jumping to any conclusion. I would say that your decision will be based on guna, and in order to find the best of all the three guna you need to take base of Gita.

So in all the conclusion according to me is, God is your power backed by truth which helps you take decisions and guides you in life.

I may be wrong and would like to hear comments of my valuable readers.