Hanuman Chalisa

A short story related to Hanuman which I heard in my childhood days.

Hanuman, son of Anjana and Kesari, was born as Rudra avatar. He had 28 divine qualities and skills. His teacher was sun. He remained with sun and learned all the art with great dedication. As a child he was naughty and use to tease sages. When this teasing became unbearable, a sage, cursed him. According to the curse, when remembered of his skills and talent, he will be able to use his skills and talent. His sole purpose to take birth on earth is to help the incarnation of Vishnu. As he was avatar of Rudra, who have conquered kama and all material pleasures, he strictly followed Bhramcharya.

Each verse of Hanuman Chalisa tells the glory of Hunman.  Originally it was written in Sanskrit, later which was translated in avadha by Tulsidas. This was very simple to understand, recite and understand.