Gopi and Krishna

Gopi is a prime pillar of Bhagavad Gita rather Bhagavad Puran. Without Gopis I believe Krishna would not have been able to teach us the lesson of devotion, love, oneness with God, salvation (भक्ति सायुज्य प्रेम मोक्ष).

The relationship of Gopi and Krishna is interesting. The more I study it, the more I read it I realize that through the example of Gopis, Krishna wanted to show us, being busy in cores of day-to-day life you can attain nearness of Krishna…if your efforts are strong and you have confidence you can get oneness with Krishna.

Some scripts says Gopis were saints performing meditations since ages to attain nearness with Krishna. These saints took birth as Gopis to live with Krishna.

They taught us a good way to be near with Krishna.

1. Chanting – While working in home, doing day-to-day activities like cooking, cleaning, etc they chant the name of Krishna and sign his glory.

2. Work offered to Krishna – Though they use to cook for their family and work for their family members the center of all their work were Krishna. While cooking they use to think what Krishna would like to eat. Krishna is center of their attention.

3. Longing for Krishna – While Krishna was away in forest with cows they use to be eagerly waiting for him to return. When he would return they stand out in the entrance of their house with smile on their face welcoming Krishna.

4. Forgoing every barrier – For Krishna they forgo barrier of their family and went to meet Krishna, they forgo barrier and came out of river to take clothes.


What is Gita?

Before answering this question, I would briefly narrate my experience.  I was a teenager waiting for my graduation results when I happen to receive a currier of ISCON temple containing Prasadam, CD and some other material. My father is used to give donations to temple every year. I opened the packet and was delighted to find CD. I wished to listen and or view the material in the CD. With eager hands I placed that CD in my computer, which i love most, and started enjoying verses of Gita. From that day, I use to listen Gita everyday. Till I got some odd job and admission in post graduation. I use to listen it almost for half of the day. I would admit here, I fell in love with the 10th chapter and unknowingly I started to follow that chapter. Learned ways to meditate. Honestly, it use to give me a lot of piece and enjoyment. Gradually with hectic schedules I was unable to grab that CD. But fortunately I managed to return back to Gita. I would term it as my mother here. And for how many days a mother can remain away from her child?

While I returned back. I learned meaning of Gita and felt like being grown-up. It showed me path in my life. It became my teacher and showed me a new world of knowledge, eternal light, full of peace and happiness. After knowing this world, I was surprised to find why I was not able to touch that world earlier when I use to listen Gita every day? Gita answered all my such questions. Though I say I learned a lot from Gita, I feel like its just 0.005% of what Gita can teach one.

What is Gita?

If you go with the meaning of the word, Gita, means song. In sanskrit, Geet, means, a song. Bhagavad means fortune or fortune maker. Thus, Bhagavad Gita in whole, means, the Song which tells the glory of fortune maker, or the glory of lord.