Gopi and Krishna

Gopi is a prime pillar of Bhagavad Gita rather Bhagavad Puran. Without Gopis I believe Krishna would not have been able to teach us the lesson of devotion, love, oneness with God, salvation (भक्ति सायुज्य प्रेम मोक्ष).

The relationship of Gopi and Krishna is interesting. The more I study it, the more I read it I realize that through the example of Gopis, Krishna wanted to show us, being busy in cores of day-to-day life you can attain nearness of Krishna…if your efforts are strong and you have confidence you can get oneness with Krishna.

Some scripts says Gopis were saints performing meditations since ages to attain nearness with Krishna. These saints took birth as Gopis to live with Krishna.

They taught us a good way to be near with Krishna.

1. Chanting – While working in home, doing day-to-day activities like cooking, cleaning, etc they chant the name of Krishna and sign his glory.

2. Work offered to Krishna – Though they use to cook for their family and work for their family members the center of all their work were Krishna. While cooking they use to think what Krishna would like to eat. Krishna is center of their attention.

3. Longing for Krishna – While Krishna was away in forest with cows they use to be eagerly waiting for him to return. When he would return they stand out in the entrance of their house with smile on their face welcoming Krishna.

4. Forgoing every barrier – For Krishna they forgo barrier of their family and went to meet Krishna, they forgo barrier and came out of river to take clothes.


Life – Birth to Death and Death to Birth

I would like to pen down this article narrating my thoughts and supporting context from “Garuda Purana”.

Every now and then I used to hear from wise, learned and elders; we get this life once, we are born as human beings for we have done good deeds in our past life. Two contradictory statements, if we get this life once then how do we earn fruits of past life?

In search of answer to many such questions I happen to read “Garuda Purana”.  It answered many questions; it is rich in knowledge and material. Here, I would like to put down the knowledge I gained from this text.

A debatable issue: We (all leaving beings humans, animals, birds…) rebirth.

Above statement will always be debatable until it is taken as granted or it wins over the logical reasons or arguments.

Every life begins with purpose, the universal purpose is to learn and practice love, harmony, peace, see all creatures equally.  Manage equilibrium of Satvaa, Rajo and Tamass gunna. In order to learn the universal purpose living beings are given opportunities. Upon learning it is expected the learned implement the knowledge in practice.

From birth till death, every creature passes through 3 phases of life, namely childhood, adulthood and grows aged. Childhood passes in fun and aged looses strength, so the most efficient and favorable period is adulthood. It is expected that every living being in its adulthood learn the universal purpose of life and practice till death. The death of every creature is pre-determined. Death will come when it has to come. At the time of death, the universal power evaluates the knowledge of creature and based on the universal education earned by the creature, the creature is given life/ commands.

I would in layman term as “if your studies are pending you will be asked by teachers to complete pending studies.”

In the event of learning and implementing, creature finds itself bound by karma, this bond gives birth to feelings and if the creature is not careful it is trapped in ‘Maya’ and various bonds.  This leads to a vicious circle of life and death.

Based on karma the creature is given the physical body as without physical body a creature cannot learn the universal purpose of life.

A divine bridge between souls – love

I always have arguments on this topic with friends. Even today my stand is same, I don’t agree with their views of love.

Last days I had been through an experience again. As usual I helped someone and later the work was appreciated. The person followed the suggestions and applied all the efforts for the best. It was those efforts that earned appreciation, I was given thanks. I could sense it was from heart.

It reminded me about the same feel I had when someone stopped smoking on my repeated request. On asking myself this question how to describe this feeling I got following answer,

It was appreciation from heart to heart which transformed into divinity which could be termed as bridge between souls. A soul has expressed gratitude, affection and love towards another soul.

Almost all of us feel such feeling when we do good to others or when someone does good to us.

An injured bird when get warm in someone’s arms, its soul expresses the same gratitude, affection and love, which could be felt and which is Love.

Sita went to meet Ram

The event: Sita with curiousness goes to see Ram.

The description of this event by Tulsiji elude my heart such that I am inclined to add certain lines from my side. Even I broke my tradition to write in English.

Later I will translate this post in English.

आज प्रातः राम कथा सुन्नेका अवसर मिला. कथाकार सीता ओर राम के मिलन की बात कर रहेथे. ओर मन को जाने क्या होगया के तुलसीदास के दोहे मे कुछ ओर लिखने की इच्छा हो गई.

तुलसीदास जी कहते हे की राम सुबह मिथिला की पुष्पवाटिका मे लक्ष्मण के साथ पुष्प चुनने आते हे. सीता भी अपनी बहनो ओर सहेलियो के साथ गोरी पूजा के लिए वाटिका के पास के मंदिर मे आती हे.

एक सखी सब से पीछे रह जाती हे, जो सीता के पास आते ही राम ओर लक्ष्मण की बात करती हे, उस ने दोनो भाई को देखा हे, दोनो सुंदर हे, उन्होने सबपे मोहनी डाली हे. सखी सीता को एक बार उन्हे देखने को कहती हे.

सीता भी उन्हे देखने को उत्सुक हो जाती हे. ओर सब के साथ पुष्पवाटिका की ओर चल पड़ती हे.
तुलसीदासजी कहते हे, “सीता के घुघरू छनकते हे जेसे वो रास्ते मे आते तालाब से गुजरती हे, उनको देखतेही फुलो से लदी डाली भी झुक जाती हे, शर्माती थोड़ी लाजाति वो राम को देखने चली”.

तुलसीदासजी ने थोड़ासा श्रीगार रस मिलाया हे इस प्रसंग मे ओर मे जो की इस प्रसंग मे खोगई हू कुछ ओर जोड़ना चाहती हू

“सीता अपनी सखियो ओर बहनो के साथ माता की पूजा कर रही थी जब एक सखी वाटिका मे आए दो राजकुमार की सूचना देती हे, साथ ही दोनो की मनोहर छबि के गुण बखनती हे ओर सभी सीता को उन्हे एक बार देखेने की बात करती हे.
सीता के मन मे दोनो को देखने की इछा हो आती हे, ओर वो सखियो के साथ वाटिका की ओर चल पदती हे.
कोमल पाव पर मेहदी सजी हे, जब ये कोम्ल पाव धरा पर रखती हे तो पायल का मधुर स्वर गुजते हे. मीठे पायल के सुर से हवा मे मिठास फेल गयी, लताए जुक गयी हे

A Window

I have got a new friend in my life.

🙂 A window.

I am not crazy, i have got a new friend, a window.

One morning i was sitting on my desk in office, suddenly i took a note of window, window is very closely related to me. Be it home or office or train or bus or aircraft, i have always got seat near window. Even I love seat near window.

That morning a thought ran my mind, lets make this window friend. The sooner I lent my hand to this window, it readily became my friend and with joy told me, “I am with you to bring options/opportunities in life. Keep me always open and see how I bring opportunities for you.”

Hey! window, I thank you for being there. I am sure you will always bring opportunities for every challenges. I am sure you will bring good news with the blowing breeze. I know you will never leave me. I thank you for being with me all the time. When I was sad you have brought chirping birds and soothing breeze. You have given me a view of beautiful world and a life filled with hope.

A letter to Mother

My Dear Mummy,

:O I was thinking a lot but was not able to find a word to address mother in my small dictionary. Every word sound formal and I know you are special but i am unable to get special word. Ah!!! 😦 all my studies is waste, which never taught me to address mother with affection.

But mom, dear mum you know everything. You know my feelings for you, you know how much i love you, how much i admire you and how much i care for you. You know how much warm i feel in your arms and how much comfortable i feel in your lap when you nurse my wounds. You know how sound i sleep when you pat me and how eager i am to eat dishes cooked by you. You know how safe i feel besides you, you know how fear feels fear of me when i hug you tightly if fear comes near me. You know when you scold me for my misbehavior how much i loved to tease you, how much i enjoyed to wear your footwear, sari and bow. You know how much i enjoyed mimicking you, how much i enjoyed roaming behind you holding pallu of your sari. You know how much i enjoyed studying with you and demanding favorite toys, cloths, money for movie or party. You know how much comfortable sharing secrets.

But Mom didn’t I tell you I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYONE IN THIS WORLD. oopsss…. 🙂 you know what I mean. YOU ARE MY WORLD.

After marriage when girl leaves house of parents she realizes importance of Mother in her life. Mom always pampers her, cooks food for her, shares secret, health issues, issues with friends, studies and lots of things. Which she will no more be able to share. She will no more be able to enjoy sleep when sick or favorite movie at the time of cooking.

When such girl lives away from mom for few days, her heart will ask, why don’t you call me? why don’t you fight with Dad to bring me back home? why don’t you check me, whether I have ate food, whether I have slept well? This whole new house, new culture scares me, I am all alone here. I need you to listen me, talk to me. I want your lap to rest, when i have headache.

And did I tell you I cooked new sweet dish and want you to taste it. Did I tell you I wear new dress which we had bought before wedding and I want you to see how that dress looks on me.

Her heart would be worried when she will find her mom is sick. And her heart would say, call me to serve you, I want to care of you. How will you get off the bed? I will bring food for you in bed and make you feel comfortable. Why don’t you call me? Don’t you need me now? Can this relationship break with that small ritual around fire?



Maa/Mummy/Mom/Mother….. a small word to describe the ocean of love and care.

In my mother tong Gujarati it is said, “મા તે મા ને બીજાં વગડાના વા” meaning, “Mother is Mother others are like air or wind blowing in jungle” or Mother is Mother no nothing could be compared with her.

Today I happen to go out to buy fruits when i saw a person hitting cow in an effort to separate cow from her calf. I felt like going there and asking him to stop or else i will go to file complain against him. But my Dad told if he will not separate them calf will drink all the milk. That surprised me. How can a little cute creature drink 4-5 liters of milk. Dad asked me to get clarification from Mom.

At home I told Mom what I saw and she told he wont be hitting her hard and if he wont remove calf, all milk would be drank and it may cause calf’s death. Surprising it was that a little cute creature can drink 4-5 liters of milk in one stretch. Mom had few cows and other milk giving animals at her Dad’s home and she know all about how to take care of them.  Taking base of her experience she told, at night cow and calf will be tied at different place but cow would always try to get away from rope and get near calf to feed calf. If not take care of in night she would feed calf with milk and in the morning workers at her home would have to return with empty vessels. It is normal, cow would slowly slip towards her calf to feed, thinking calf would be hungry, thinking calf don’t sleep empty stomach.

These animals who can’t speak and express their feeling know how to take care of their kids. Mom told, be it cow, buffalow, donkey, dog, cat, camel, goat, horse or human being, mother in all knows one thing, ie, to love her child, take care of her child, protect in any situation and give her child best. Isn’t it true. A woman not being mom would love cakes, but when she is mom and her kid would demand for her favorite piece of cake, she will not wait to think but give that piece and become happy with the happiness on child’s face. She would sleep in wet bed to give her child peaceful sleep. She would keep her self awake till you go to sleep. If you are sick, she would become nurse and try to give you best of her knowledge. You can forget to take medicine, she can forget her medicine but she will not forget your medicine. She may forget to buy clothes for her but she will buy clothes for you.

Few days back a cat had some kittens, some how she lost one kitten, and whole day, night she kept calling that kitten and moaning there where she had left that kitten. I heard her moaning till late night.

There is no feeling other than motherhood. Since the day she get child in her womb her senses know about her child, as the child develop in her womb, she develops communication with child. A feeling to feel the baby develop in womb and move is marvelous. And child finds mother with her warm touch. As the first lesson which child learns is touch. Yes, mother is the best teacher in the world and the first teacher in the world. If you say God creates you then, shouldn’t it harm to say that your mother is God who created you. A brave mother can only create Shivaji and Rani of Jhansi.

माँ तुझे सलाम!

Thousand of Salutes to Mother!

Beaware of Lust Infatuation and Wrath

There is no disease (so destructive) as lust; no enemy like infatuation; no fire like wrath; and no happiness like spiritual knowledge

I was reading a script and came across the above stated quote. All most every one knows about this but still many of us are slaves of these three things.

It is truly said that Lust is a disease. Disease of mind which kills soul and happiness. While creating life God had placed a system in every life to reproduce life. And to generate interest in reproduction or encourage life for reproduction  God have kept an attraction between lives. This attraction gives birth to desire and with the good efforts of good thoughts life gets regenerated. But if one forgets to control the horse of desire and attraction, he finds himself lost in the desert of Lust. There is an industry which is like desert where people come in search of happiness and or love but get lost in the winds of desert. 100 bottles of liquor may not damage you much but Lust will damage your thought and soul within a very short time period. It is like a paralysis of thought.

Another thing that harms your good thinking and stops your mind from thinking big is Infatuation. Infatuation is a feeling. Many have told me that they are in love but when i ask them the reason or check their commitment then i see that they are infatuated and not in real love. Real love is commitment. It is divine and brings two soul together not only the two bodies together. Infatuation becomes your enemy when you get totally absorbed with the thought and get attracted to someone or something. You loose the sense of what is true and false and try to please the other in the best possible manner. In this you create a lot of enemies. An infatuated person loses himself. And when you are not in you, you are like a dead body. You loose sense of what is good and what is bad.

Anger or Wrath is worst, yes, it burns not only your soul but others mood and happiness. A spark of anger is enough to burn you in full and others. Anger is chronic in itself. It starts with a small spark and encourages itself to grow. It then burns your energy and happiness within you. This fire cant be seen with eyes but could be felt. This fire is like a fire in forest, it catches others soon and the more it catch holds of others it becomes furious.

The only thing that can help one go stay away from all these things is Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom. Making a habit to read at-least one word of such scripts can help you cultivate your mind and thoughts. With such mind you will be able to keep away from such evils.

Is it Sin

Some days back a good friend of mine referred me a novel, “The Thorn Birds”. I was given an overview of the story and asked to read it. Many of us would know about it. If not, I am just posting a brief of this novel here.

It is a story of an ambitious priest who falls in love with a beautiful lady much younger than him and who grew up in his care. Priest Ralph was handsome, dashing person. Any woman who saw him use to fall in love with him. He was a perfect man for them. But he was ambitious and wanted to be priest. It is order of God that if you serve him and love him you can’t love any other woman. You can’t think of woman. He use to follow this strictly. His vow was not broken by the desire of beautiful women who were behind him. He once meet a family in which there was a little girl Meggie. Ralph was a young man and Meggie a little child when they first met each other and felt feeling for each other. Their affection was clearly seen in their eyes. Meggie lots her dear ones in the course of time but Ralph continued to support her. Meggie grew up as a beautiful lady and their affection grew up as love. Ralph unknowingly being attached with this love. Meggie requests him to marry but Ralph determined to be Priest went away from him. Meggie got married but she was not happy. Ralph decides to meet Meggie and asks her to forgive her. They lived together as husband and wife for few days and Ralph left for church. Meggie gave birth to Ralph’s child but never informed him about this. After a long time when Ralph was very old and hold a highest post in Church they meet each other in a grave yard. Where Ralph recalls about Meggie’s love, she had been in intense pain all the time she met Ralph but in that pain she was able to give true love with affection. He had pain in his heart that he spent his whole life serving God and following vows but he ruined all that service and love by sharing that love with a lady. He dies with this pain in heart.

The question is, was that a sin? According to me it was not a sin. Meggie’s feelings were innocent, her love was pure. Even Ralph had accepted that he was ambitious to ignore her love which she use to give when she was in pain. She faced world and gave birth of Ralph’s child, if she would have told this to world Ralph would not be able to achieve his ambition. Meggie had asked Ralph to marry her because she wanted a family, husband and kids, like other women. Ralph had the same feeling for her. He came back to her to express that feeling and love but his ambition ruled over him and he left her with heavy heart. Leaving her was sin but loving her was not sin. I believe no religious book says that you ignore true love and feeling and stick to your goal and ambition.

I went to search for crooked

let me liberateBura Jo Dekhan Main Chala, Bura Naa Milya Koye
Jo Munn Khoja Apnaa, To Mujhse Bura Naa Koye

English Version::

I searched for the crooked, met not a single one
When searched myself, “I” found the crooked one

I meet with a boy who was being cheated. He was not crying but he was sad. He was in his deep thought. I went to him thinking I can help him out. I asked him what happened he told his story. How he was cheated. It was his own sister and brother who washed his brain, with empty brain he went to take the challenge. He knew he would be punished if he do so, but still he went ahead to take the challenge. As his mind was ruled by the words of his brother and sister. As expected he failed to prove the challenge and the result was horrible. It was worst than expected. Now he was trying to find out whom should he blame for his condition.

I was listening thinking that it would be good at this moment to lend him ears, after he finish I may put my point.

He told he thought a lot, if he blames his brother and sister then too he finds his own fault first. I asked “why?”

He told, “didi, they were putting weeds in my brain, they were forcing me to take up such steps and I did so. So whose fault is there, its mine. I should have taken care of not listening them.” I could just nod my head as he was right.

He continued, “If I blame those people with whom I played that challenge then too I find my fault.” I asked “why?”

He told, “didi, they have never forced me to take challenge with them, while talking to them my mind had given me the idea of the result, though it was not as worst as the actual result but never the less I had idea of the result. So in directly they had also given me hint of the worst result but it was me and only me who kept driving me to accept that challenge and so I am at fault.” I could only nod as I knew he was right.

Then I asked “why are you worried then?”, he told, “When we know others are at fault, how easily we give them punishment but when we know we are fault why can’t we give ourselves punishment?” I had no answer for this or may be I was not willing to answer him, so remained silent for a while and tried to diver his mind.

We all find faults in others all the time, if we meet with an accident, we first of tell, that person was coming in wrong side, had not shown signal  or was driving very fast and gently put, I was driving slowly and was trying to protect that person or protect kids or cat or dog or i was not aware of how he took all of a sudden turn and we meet with accident. All sorts of excuses. But have we honestly tried to put what was our fault?

In women one thing is common, if they gather in some social meeting or religious meeting, they would start finding faults of their daughter-in-laws, they would find faults of daughters of their neighbors and faults in all other spices in this world. But if you ask them what is your fault or ask them to look their face in the mirror and find some faults then, what would be the outcome? I am sure, they will break mirror or atleast break my head.

I have been into such situations where I had blamed many, but i remember my soul have always asked me to look at me first. There are certain events at which I was not able to say sorry for my blames but there are events where I have either not blamed or would have asked for sorry.

With this line of Kabirji, I remember “those whose house is of glasses should not throw stones on others’ house”. Gita also says, forget “I”, “My” and learn “we”, “our”.