Who should get place in heaven

There were 4 people standing in queue at the gate of heaven
God asked first “why you think you should be allowed in heaven?”
First Person: “I was labourer and use to work hard whole day in all seasons. Because of my labour people were able to walk on good roads and live in cosy house”

God asked second “why you think you should be allowed in heaven?”
Second Person: “I was suage cleaner and use to submerge myself in dirty place to keep mess clean. I was made to carry mess on head.”

God asked third “why you think you should be allowed in heaven?”
Third Person: “I was cook in a famous restaurant, i have pleased number of hearts with my tasty food and have satisfied hunger of number of people.”

God asked fourth “why you think you should be allowed in heaven?”
Fourth Person: “God you are great and I bow to you, I am not here to claim for place in heaven but i want to request you to give me some space where my existence will be accepted, respected and honoured. The day my parents knew that i am in the womb they became unhappy, upon my birth grand parents were highly disappointed and never showered their love, on becoming young i was always tried to make a traget of hungry eyes, on getting married i was bitten for money, starved for food and burnt….”

God “Stop….. Stop…. Please Stop….. you should get a peaceful place in heaven where you wil get all what you want.”

We celebrate women day, mother day and such day masked on every day and mask party atmosphere on every poor attitude towards women.

We worship women in temples but at home treat her either as a bed sheet or substance to decorate house. This woman is equally important in a man’s life as food, water and cloth.

She gives space to man in womb, tolerates pain to give birth and bring up man but in return she is treated as a substance to satisfy physical need, show off in society as a pride substance, a free servant who will do all chores of man with either empty stomach or half filled stomach and in return listen poor things from family members.

It is not so that only men are responsible for all this but women is equally important. Mother-in-law never think she is a woman and she too had mother-in-law.

How can i forget the lady who complained about misbehavior against her. Some times such ladies are also very expert in drama. They in either their ego or laziness blame others to gather sympathy.

But yes, one thing is true, women is not safe in hand which she creates tolerating pain. Thousands of eyes dont give respect to women and many hands dont feel poor in disrespecting women. Can such a rotten society stand more?

An Unanswered Complain

I had been writing about Mother and Father in this blog since last few days. I believe this relationship is very precious in the is world. If you say, God creates us, then Mother and Father creates us, so I would say they are God. A Mother gives you all warmth and love in her womb, in her arms, she nourishes you and teaches you manners. She makes you human being. Father feeds you, gives you identity in society, gives you education and teaches you to be in respectable position in your life. Without them your life will be like a leaf which wonders here and there in wind.

This poem was taught us as prayer when we were in school. But after completing school we forgot all these and became busy in the race of earning money.

God have give us powers – to think and to speak. Our brain is developed then other species on earth. But some where we fail to prove that we are best creation of God. There are number of old-age homes and retirement homes increasing day-by-day in India. Since years we had families living in India. But since a decade old age homes have mushroomed.  Some families may not have Son to take care of them when they go old, so they think they go to such old age homes. But those who have son and family, why are they forced to go to old age homes?

The old issue of women, both women fight for their share in their home and then old people are left alone in home.  Adjustment is required from both the side.

Second issue is flying abroad. In the urge to earn money they leave parents back home alone. Yes, money is important to live life. But money is not life. Your parents would have done the same with you, they could have left you in orphanage and would have gone abroad to earn or would have chosen to enjoy their life. They spared their time to enjoy just to bring you up. They spared their parties just because you were studying and you they felt need to be with you. Due to promotion, your Mother and Dad would have decided to live apart from each other just because you were studying. You needed a base, you needed a steady education.

Third by choice, I don’t understand why parents chose to live alone or go to such homes when their kids say we will be with you. There is a fear that the new comer will not be able to do what they were expecting. Ofcourse, there is a difference between the culture of new comer and your house. But it is not that big which couldn’t be over come. When people use to live in joint families they would have been compromising and co-operating with each other to be under one roof. Why can’t we do this today? Why we say, it is the duty of new comer to do this and that? or I can’t do this, this is beyond my limits? Limits are set by an individual himself/herself. Limits are boundaries of thinking, co-operation, willingness to change. No one is perfect, everyone needs some changes. With little co-operation and patience you can change other or you can get desired out put.

It is the responsibility to youngsters to compromise with their enjoyment and be with their elders to spend time with them. Many people say to me you don’t go out and enjoy your life. You don’t know how to enjoy life. I don’t answer them back. Yes, I don’t go out for so called enjoyment, I stay back with my parents. As during week days I spend time working whole day and evening doing some or the other work. But at weekend I stay with them, to help mother keep house clean, to seat with them, though no word being uttered between us, I can feel that they think they have someone around them to be with them. Isn’t it better than jumping in bar/pub or watching movie? I know they expect me to with them at lunch and dinner on weekends and so I avoid eating out with friends. I can see just eating with them, I would have made 10 gm of blood but they would have made 100 gm of blood. It will not be too much if I say that just one weekend would have added 7 more days in their life.

Spending a smallest moment with them, cheering with them, talking with them gives them energy. Make them feel like alive. Can’t we do this small thing for them after all they have given us life and reason to live? Aren’t they important then friends, movies, bars/pubs, date and all such things?

A letter to Mother

My Dear Mummy,

:O I was thinking a lot but was not able to find a word to address mother in my small dictionary. Every word sound formal and I know you are special but i am unable to get special word. Ah!!! 😦 all my studies is waste, which never taught me to address mother with affection.

But mom, dear mum you know everything. You know my feelings for you, you know how much i love you, how much i admire you and how much i care for you. You know how much warm i feel in your arms and how much comfortable i feel in your lap when you nurse my wounds. You know how sound i sleep when you pat me and how eager i am to eat dishes cooked by you. You know how safe i feel besides you, you know how fear feels fear of me when i hug you tightly if fear comes near me. You know when you scold me for my misbehavior how much i loved to tease you, how much i enjoyed to wear your footwear, sari and bow. You know how much i enjoyed mimicking you, how much i enjoyed roaming behind you holding pallu of your sari. You know how much i enjoyed studying with you and demanding favorite toys, cloths, money for movie or party. You know how much comfortable sharing secrets.

But Mom didn’t I tell you I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYONE IN THIS WORLD. oopsss…. 🙂 you know what I mean. YOU ARE MY WORLD.

After marriage when girl leaves house of parents she realizes importance of Mother in her life. Mom always pampers her, cooks food for her, shares secret, health issues, issues with friends, studies and lots of things. Which she will no more be able to share. She will no more be able to enjoy sleep when sick or favorite movie at the time of cooking.

When such girl lives away from mom for few days, her heart will ask, why don’t you call me? why don’t you fight with Dad to bring me back home? why don’t you check me, whether I have ate food, whether I have slept well? This whole new house, new culture scares me, I am all alone here. I need you to listen me, talk to me. I want your lap to rest, when i have headache.

And did I tell you I cooked new sweet dish and want you to taste it. Did I tell you I wear new dress which we had bought before wedding and I want you to see how that dress looks on me.

Her heart would be worried when she will find her mom is sick. And her heart would say, call me to serve you, I want to care of you. How will you get off the bed? I will bring food for you in bed and make you feel comfortable. Why don’t you call me? Don’t you need me now? Can this relationship break with that small ritual around fire?



Maa/Mummy/Mom/Mother….. a small word to describe the ocean of love and care.

In my mother tong Gujarati it is said, “મા તે મા ને બીજાં વગડાના વા” meaning, “Mother is Mother others are like air or wind blowing in jungle” or Mother is Mother no nothing could be compared with her.

Today I happen to go out to buy fruits when i saw a person hitting cow in an effort to separate cow from her calf. I felt like going there and asking him to stop or else i will go to file complain against him. But my Dad told if he will not separate them calf will drink all the milk. That surprised me. How can a little cute creature drink 4-5 liters of milk. Dad asked me to get clarification from Mom.

At home I told Mom what I saw and she told he wont be hitting her hard and if he wont remove calf, all milk would be drank and it may cause calf’s death. Surprising it was that a little cute creature can drink 4-5 liters of milk in one stretch. Mom had few cows and other milk giving animals at her Dad’s home and she know all about how to take care of them.  Taking base of her experience she told, at night cow and calf will be tied at different place but cow would always try to get away from rope and get near calf to feed calf. If not take care of in night she would feed calf with milk and in the morning workers at her home would have to return with empty vessels. It is normal, cow would slowly slip towards her calf to feed, thinking calf would be hungry, thinking calf don’t sleep empty stomach.

These animals who can’t speak and express their feeling know how to take care of their kids. Mom told, be it cow, buffalow, donkey, dog, cat, camel, goat, horse or human being, mother in all knows one thing, ie, to love her child, take care of her child, protect in any situation and give her child best. Isn’t it true. A woman not being mom would love cakes, but when she is mom and her kid would demand for her favorite piece of cake, she will not wait to think but give that piece and become happy with the happiness on child’s face. She would sleep in wet bed to give her child peaceful sleep. She would keep her self awake till you go to sleep. If you are sick, she would become nurse and try to give you best of her knowledge. You can forget to take medicine, she can forget her medicine but she will not forget your medicine. She may forget to buy clothes for her but she will buy clothes for you.

Few days back a cat had some kittens, some how she lost one kitten, and whole day, night she kept calling that kitten and moaning there where she had left that kitten. I heard her moaning till late night.

There is no feeling other than motherhood. Since the day she get child in her womb her senses know about her child, as the child develop in her womb, she develops communication with child. A feeling to feel the baby develop in womb and move is marvelous. And child finds mother with her warm touch. As the first lesson which child learns is touch. Yes, mother is the best teacher in the world and the first teacher in the world. If you say God creates you then, shouldn’t it harm to say that your mother is God who created you. A brave mother can only create Shivaji and Rani of Jhansi.

माँ तुझे सलाम!

Thousand of Salutes to Mother!