Natural Preservative

Mother nature have blessed us with easy to get and use preservatives, which we can use with food still can avoid harmful effects of preservatives.

Natural Preservative: salt, sugar, honey, vegetable oil, alcohol, castor oil

Natural Preservation techniques: freezing, pickling, smoking and salting

Use of Salt as preservative: Salt cubes if placed in grains will save grains from insects. Salt cubes placed in chilly powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, carom seeds and cumin seeds will save them from getting spoiled and maintain their fragrance and flavor.

Use of Salt and Sugar cyrup: Any food item if soaked in Salt or Sugar or Salt and Sugar cyrup and kept in freezer may last long. But vegetables like bittergourd will be soon distroyed if soaked in salt and kept for more than 5 minutes.

Use of Vegetable oil and Castor Oil: oiling food grains like wheat with castor oil will save wheat from getting spoiled. Oiling rice with vegetable oil will save rice from getting spoiled.

Other ways of Preservation: Mercury Tablets – a grayies color tablets of mercury could be placed in food grains like bengal gram, green gram, golden gram to save them from getting spoiled.

A powder made from shell material can be mixed with Black lentils and White lentils can save them from getting spoiled.



Above said are the most common and ancient techniques to preseve food. Apart from this books and clothes can be preserved from insects if adirachta indica’s dry┬áleaf, whose taste is bitter is placed with books and clothes.


Frozen Food

What is Frozen Food?

Taking food at a freezing level to preserve its nutrient and make it available for use for a long period of time is freezing of food and a technique used by farmers, fishermen and trappers to preserve food. Freezing food slows down the process of decomposition, as the the freezing point hardly any bacteria will be active.

In ancient times food was being frozen by keeping it in extreme cold atmosphere or liquid. They use to store mountain ice and snow to keep the food cool in cellars. There were other techniques being used as well to preserve food.

With the advancement in techniques, food preservation techniques were updated. Nitrogen, Sodium and Carboxymethylcellulose is used now to preserve food.

Its good that you get food now-a-days through out the year in preserved form compared to the earlier days, and enrich your taste of food. But a question comes to mind, is it really good to use frozen food in your regular diet? And if yes, then is it good to make a habit to have frozen food?

A small article will throw light on one of the hazards of chemical used to freeze food.