Life – Birth to Death and Death to Birth

I would like to pen down this article narrating my thoughts and supporting context from “Garuda Purana”.

Every now and then I used to hear from wise, learned and elders; we get this life once, we are born as human beings for we have done good deeds in our past life. Two contradictory statements, if we get this life once then how do we earn fruits of past life?

In search of answer to many such questions I happen to read “Garuda Purana”.  It answered many questions; it is rich in knowledge and material. Here, I would like to put down the knowledge I gained from this text.

A debatable issue: We (all leaving beings humans, animals, birds…) rebirth.

Above statement will always be debatable until it is taken as granted or it wins over the logical reasons or arguments.

Every life begins with purpose, the universal purpose is to learn and practice love, harmony, peace, see all creatures equally.  Manage equilibrium of Satvaa, Rajo and Tamass gunna. In order to learn the universal purpose living beings are given opportunities. Upon learning it is expected the learned implement the knowledge in practice.

From birth till death, every creature passes through 3 phases of life, namely childhood, adulthood and grows aged. Childhood passes in fun and aged looses strength, so the most efficient and favorable period is adulthood. It is expected that every living being in its adulthood learn the universal purpose of life and practice till death. The death of every creature is pre-determined. Death will come when it has to come. At the time of death, the universal power evaluates the knowledge of creature and based on the universal education earned by the creature, the creature is given life/ commands.

I would in layman term as “if your studies are pending you will be asked by teachers to complete pending studies.”

In the event of learning and implementing, creature finds itself bound by karma, this bond gives birth to feelings and if the creature is not careful it is trapped in ‘Maya’ and various bonds.  This leads to a vicious circle of life and death.

Based on karma the creature is given the physical body as without physical body a creature cannot learn the universal purpose of life.

Ganesha Chaturthi(Vinayaka Chaturthi)

If I am not mistaken this festival was celebrated with lots of pomp after Lok Manya Tilak promoted celebration of Ganesha Chaturthi during freedom fight.

The festival is observed in the Hindu calendar month of Bhaadrapada, starting on the shukla chaturthi (fourth day of the waxing moon period).

I bow to The Lord of all Lord and share the lesson here under he conveys us…..

On this occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi I would like to share symbolism of Ganesha.

Head of Ganesha is Big which symbolizes Think Big. Your thoughts should be broad, you should think good and big. Don’t waste time in talking about others, commenting on others, instead do some thing productive.

Eyes of Ganesha is Small which symbolizes Concentration. Concentrate on your Goals, Aims. Don’t look away from your goals or aims. Any thing that distracts you from your goal should be avoided.

Ears of Ganesha is Large which symbolizes Listen More. Always be a good listener. Lend ears to each and every thing and apply your brain before reacting or acting on what you listened. Always be ready to lend ears to sorrows, complains and happy moments of everyone you know. I believe by doing this you reduce pain in other’s heart and others feel comfortable to you. Also before giving any comment or jumping onto any conclusion you should lend ears to each and every situation. Be a patient listener.

One Tusk of Ganesha Symbolizes Retain Good Throw Away Bad. After you have heard on every situation, heard comments from every one, retain good things in your mind and throw way poor comments. Your mind is a fertile field cultivate it with good thoughts. People will try to throw weeds of poor thoughts, anger, jealousy etc, which will make your fertile land useless, don’t let them plant such things, cleverly throw such things out of mind.

Small Mouth of Ganesh Symbolizes Talk Less. Listen everything, retain everything which is good and speak only whenever required, where ever required. Don’t jump up in any communication, people will not entertain you. It is an old saying “Na bole ema Nav Guana” (Those who don’t talk much have nine type of qualities)

Trunk of Ganesh Symbolizes High Efficiency and Adaptability. Trunk is the symbol of power and efficiency. Develop efficiency to face any thing and everything in life with a smile on face. Be adaptable to changes. Be flexible. Don’t tie yourself in rigidities.

Axe in one had Symbolizes Cut off all bonds of attachment. Keep bond with you in this world. All the relationships on this earth are Myth. Play your role thinking you are an actor and try to play it in the best form. Never get attached with materialist pleasures or never get attached with any relationship. Nothing is yours, you will leave everything one day behind to go ahead.

Rope in another Hand Symbolizes Pull yourself nearer to the highest Goal. If God feels proud of you after you have lived your life then think you have achieved the Highest Goal of Life. Don’t make money or materialist pleasures goal of your life as they will come to you in the proportion you deserve them. This life is precious, you get it once, to prove that whatever strength you are given to you, you utilized them in best and tried to be a best beast on this earth.

Another Hand for Blessings Symbolizes You are always being Blessed and Protected on Spiritual Path to Supreme. If you are walking on the path of Truth and Honesty to become the best beast on this earth, to utilize given strength in best way, you will always be blessed and protected. If you follow this path, you will never be required to plead God to protect you, to be with you.

Modaka in Another Hand Symbolizes Rewards of Sadhana. If you follow the above mentioned path, you are doing Sadhana, and God will always be ready to give you rewards of this Sadhana. He will never let you down. He will never wait you for rewards.

Large Stomach of Ganesha Symbolizes Peacefully Digest all Good and Bad in Life. On the path of Sadhana you will find all type of difficulties. God will put you into various situations to check you, try to give your best in all the situations. Don’t get panic when you are in bad situation and don’t get excited when you are happy. Tears and Smile never remains forever.

Mouse Symbolizes Desire. Ganesha says control your desires otherwise it will cause havoc. If desires will rule over you, you will never be able to achieve the goal of life. So don’t let desires rule over you. Know your limits and be in your limits.

Prasada Symbolizes The Whole World is at your feet and for your asking. If you are Following all the above stated Points, World will bow down to your feet. Nothing will be impossible for you.

May Ganesha Bless You!!!