First Sickness in me

My profession has asked me to become active on internet communities to find prospects for my company. Though it is a dull job, pure my feeling. I do this job. I started making myself active on various communities. Within few days, I started getting requests from around the world to join my network. In those requests some were not of my religion.

Upon getting such very first request, I blindly declined that request just looking at the religion. Then I got few more such requests, I declined couple of them, but suddenly my inner asked me a question, “why are you terminating those requests? just because they are not of same religion? Does religion matter when you communicate with people?” Answer was “NO, it doesn’t matter and there was no reason to decline requests merely based on religion.” I felt shame of my deed. I stopped declining requests based on religion.

Then I looked back on my deeds and noticed that many a times I have done injustice to others may be because of their religion. I mean I kept distance because of religion. I had no answer to my questions, “what difference makes religion? Aren’t they teaching you the same?” and I decided to change. Religion, diet or continents don’t change you from being human, but your perception and thinking changes from human being to animal or devil.

I ask God and those souls to forgive me for I ignored them because of my silly thinking related to religion.

Who am I?

Who am I? if I ask you this question you would doubt my senses/mind, right?
Yes, this question sound funny may be silly but it is not so.
Many a times while interacting with people I come across a question which religion do I belong to or who am I Hindu or Christian or Muslim from Afghanistan?
All the time I answer I am Hindu from India. But then a question comes to me. Is it necessary to know whether I am Hindu or Christian or Muslim? Does it matter when you are talking with some one?
Forget talking, if we are dealing with any one do we need to know what is his religion, caste and creed?
When I say I am Hindu, a question comes to me is shouldn’t I say I am a human instead of telling that I am Hindu.
We don’t divide animals, plants and other creatures of God into religion then why we divide human being who is the most special creature of God into religion.

The other day I was reading about “baptism” when I first came to know about this word. My mind related it with a function of “Bhramsaman” which we, Vaishnav follower of Krishna perform.
In the process of “Bhramsaman”, the child is taken asked to wear a fresh unstitched white cloth and “Pujari”, people who live in temple and worship God, make the child bath in a pond near temple.
After that, the child will be taken to “Maharajshri”, Priest who have the authority to conduct the function will recite some Shloka in Sanskrit, he will make you recite some of them and then give you a leaf of Tulsi (a plant whose leaf is used as medicine and worship)
After the process is over, the child can change wet clothes, dry himself and can only eat after the function is over. After this function he is termed as “Vaishnav”.
What I read about “baptism” was also something same, a child is made to take holy bath and priest will recite some prayer after which he will be termed as “christian”. It was also referred as holy bath.

A question comes to me is, if only bathing or cleaning body makes you hindu or christian, every one of us for sure without fail take bath atleast once in the morning. Then why do we need to take bath in that pond or river or temple or church to become hindu or christian?
Should we clean our body or our soul?
Though we bath our body everyday but our soul remains dirty. Haven’t you observed?

If some couple would be fighting we would leave our important news session and concentrate our ears on that fight, isn’t it?
If a husband is harassing wife, people would deliberately ask wife question, what happened why he was shouting? is he good? and then fondle that wounds, isn’t? Even people would ask husband question, is your wife not cooking food? is she lazy? and try to inquire about her, isn’t it?
If some one is dark in skin, we will make fun of that person.
If some one will fall we will laugh.
If some one due to some health issue can’t walk or speak or seat properly, we make fun, isn’t it?
If some one is too fat or thin, we make fun, isn’t it?
If a neighbor’s girl falls in love with some one, we make it a issue and start promoting.
If a person gets divorce, we make it a issue and start promoting, discussing, blaming girl and boy.
We blame our in-laws, boss, colleagues, friends, politician, anyone but we don’t see what we are?
When we make comments on a girl coming late at home, we dont see what we in our life have done?

I have seen people enjoy in asking personal question, collecting information on weak issues of any person and then discuss them with others.
Some would have read Bible and some would have read Gita but when they would see a girl, starting think of doing flirt with her.
Instead of helping needy people and guiding him, we make fun of that person, in which school, book and religious scripture it is being taught?

Some men and women though they have good wife and husband look for love outside their house, is this the teaching of caste, creed or religion?

I have seen, many of whom I know, would never forget to ask me questions related to my life, then go out and discuss that issues with others and take some enjoyment on commenting on those issues.
Strange is that they don’t look into themselves, what they are? and after doing this, they pray in temple or church or mosque.

I remember the day when like other days, I went to temple in the morning for regular pray. No sooner did I enter the gate of temple, I found an injured pigeon lying on the floor, scarred as he was not able to fly.
I hurriedly rather dumped water on “shivalinga” and went out to pick that pigeon. I quickly called doctor, but who was out of town. But fortunately they gave me another number who takes care of such birds. I usually go bare foot in temple. Same was the case that day. I was running behind that bird in grass where there were dry leaves, thrones, and some broken glasses, but people sitting there were laughing at my efforts.
Fortunately that day I was able to get a place for that pigeon where, he would have got medicine and proper care. But a question comes in my mind is this what you learn being “Hindu” or “Christian” or “Muslim” then PLEASE DON’T LEARN. DONT BECOME HINU OR CHRISTIAN OR MUSLIM. DONT WORSHIP IN TEMPLE OR CHURCH OR MOSQUE. GOD IS NOT IN STATUES, ITS IN INNOCENT LIVES. BEFORE CLEANING YOUR BODY CLEAN YOUR SOUL, BECAUSE IN EACH BOOK BE IT BIBLE OR GITA OR KURAN, GOD SAYS I LIVE IN CLEAN SOUL.