Satyam Shivam Sundram

Yesterday, 2nd March 2011, it was MahaShivratri, usually celebrated on 13th night/14th day in Krishna Paksha of the month of Maagha or phalguna.
It is believed that shiva married parvati on this date. Another belief is that he became “Neelkantham” swallowing the deadly poison came from
the churning of “Kshir sagar”

We often relate Shiva with Satya “Truth”, truth which comes out of all darkness and prevailed before creation of universe will prevail after destruction of universe.
As a child I would like to write Shiva as synonym of truth. To my senses, whenever you speak truth you offer prayer to Shiva. Shiv and shakti are related, which means truth is the source of energy.
You earn energy through your deeds backed by truth. Isn’t it beautiful?
True beauty is in truth which is Shiva though he wears Snakes as ornaments, applies ashes on body and is accompanied by ghosts. He is not “beautifully” dressed as Vishu or other God. But still it is said “Shivam Sundaram”. My little brain visualizes this as, he is beautiful as he explains the meaning of truth rather he symbolizes truth.

Our little brain considers truth is speaking truth or telling things which occurred in real and are matching with real evidence, evidence which we can visualize, touch, smell and feel. Our truth is backed by only 5 substances of nature but not the 6th substance.

Yes, 6 substance of nature, you might be aware of all the 5 substances but not of 6th. Actually you are aware but you don’t use it often as those 5 substances. The 6th substance is renunciation or vairagya.  It is said that our bodies are made of 5 substances namely earth, air, water, fire and sky. They are found in each activity we perform, a discussion on this at some other time. But all our act is influenced by “maya”. Whatever we do, we do we bind ourselves with that act “karma”.

But Shiva, creator of all, creator of universe, objects and destructor of universe is a symbol of renunciation. Though he is married he is not “sansari” he is “vairagi”, the reason all his acts are just for the betterment of universe, objects and his creations.

He keeps trident “trishul” symbol of power of knowledge, control over desire, control or back act with knowledge and controlled desire. Snakes which he wears as ornaments are symbol of ego which he has conquered and now they are worn as ornaments. Rudraksha is symbol of purity and concentration when taken in right hand. His mind, body and act are pure like Rudraksha. He has conquered fear so he is wearing tiger skin. It is said there is life ahead of fear. Fear is the biggest enemy of ours. Ganges flowing from his head symbolizes knowledge transformed from generation to generation. Moon on his forehead symbolizes his control over time. Third eye on forehead is the eye of knowledge which when opened turns evils into ashes. He has married to Shakti, power which governs the universe, power which backs the universe.

In all he wants to convey us, act should be backed with knowledge, such act will bring power in itself in you. And perform all your acts without fear with concentration, purity will come in itself. Burn evils and obstacles in your act with your knowledge. Such act will be beautiful and no other alternative will be there in the world for such act.

OM Namah Shivay!!