I became rich

Today I became rich. I earned a good value today which added to the wealth I had.

Some years back I earned first chunk of value when a young girl wrote a letter expressing her apologies, apologies for she used words against me. She remembered my efforts to stop her from getting involved with a person who had no daring to stand with her in front of her parents.

I earned when a person quit smoking after trying for 15 years and gave credit to me.

I earned when a person blessed me and a person thanked me for helping them reach their destination.

I earned when team who was against me accepted me

I earned when i got standing ovation for my project

I earned when i was able to stand in front of 40 people having 15+ years experience and was able to speak without forgetting points.

Now I earned when my team leader was happy with my work.


All these satisfaction, blessings make me wealthy.


Dear dont speak lie

Today I remembered of this song,  “Sajan Re Jhooth Mat Bolo….”, nicely written.

It is very truly written that, One day you have to meet his all mighty, you will not be accompanied by horse or elephant, you have to go there on your feet.  All your property and house will remain here only, so why are you proud of it, you will have to bow your head. If you do good you will be reap goodness, if you do bad you will reap badness. What is the use of writing accounts, you will have to pay everything here in this world. You spent your childhood in playing games, spent sleeping during young age and cried looking at your old age, the story is same with all.

Isn’t it true that you come with empty hands and leave with empty hands. I remember the story of Shikandar told by my boss, he had instructed his servants to keep his hand open and all his treasure near him when he die. You can’t take anything with you, you have to leave it here in this world.

This world is full of materialistic pleasures, when you come in this world you are not touched with it, but when you start living in this world you some how forget to remain untouched with these pleasures and develop a bond with them. Being in this bond you do many things which should not be done, 🙂 the first thing you did was not to create bond.

We keep account of money we have lend to people and never forget to take them back, and if that person does delay in returning money, lender will start fighting. Which he will never take with him.

There are people who collect wires and other unused things to sell them and get money but they show off as if they are millionaire.

What these rich people do with their money? They live lavish life, they wear costly clothes, move in costly vehicles and live in cozy house. But how many know how to spend that money on needy people? If one such rich person decides to live in a house which common or average men lives and adopt needy people to divide his wealth in them then cant we see social equality? Rich are getting more rich and poor are getting more poor.

There are people who spent money in building hospitals, temples or mosques after they die. But when they are alive they hardly think of those poor suffering without treatment, food and struggling to get a single penny.

Boss who have money creates company and give job to people who dont have much money, thinks to get maximum out of his employee. Women employee servants to do house coarse and think that they are their slaves. All such think they have money in hand and they can win the world or rule on others but when on death bed they all are same, either they are burnt or buried. For few days people will talk about them and then every year their near ones will remember them.

Only those are remembered forever whose deeds are Great, who have touched lives of people, who have made people happy.

Why don’t we put efforts on earning good deeds instead of wealth and money.