What is a wife? (पत्नी क्या है)

Did anyone ask this question to couples who tie knot?

Did any woman ask this question to man looking for bride?

Did anyone ask this question while reading or watching Mahabharat?

But I want to ask this question to all and everyone whom i can ask.

Yudhishthira was asked “what is a wife?” when he lost his wife in the game of dice. In the game of dice, property (cash, gold, kingdom… ) was used but how can one use wife as property.

One can say, Yudhishthira not only lost his wife but his brothers as well in the game of dice. Then the question applies to his brothers. This question becomes more important as it is concerned to woman’s pride. Man’s pride is equally important as woman’s pride.

Woman cannot exist without man and vise – vise. Both are equally important which is supported through nature. And so it is important that man respect woman, as well as woman respect man. It is equally important that woman respect another woman.

When the question “what is a wife?” was asked it was meant to know what is the position of women in the society? How can one place woman along with cash, gold, kingdom things which are materialist things in same scale?

Even in today’s world the same question can be raised. A lot of marriages take place every year and many divorces take place. It is easy to blame woman, defame woman and get divorce thinking she will never speak anything. Woman will suffer silently and try to maintain knot of marriage. But is it correct? Woman’s silence is treated a cover to defame her. Divorce is one aspect, alone woman in the society is every now and then defamed by men. Wife is companion, life partner and not a property.