Think before pointing finger

Many people point finger on others, others’ work, others’ words, some times on whatever others do. Such people forget that when they are pointing one finger towards others other three fingers point towards them with the thumb down.

Those three fingers try to tell “dear you are also not perfect!” “check yourself in mirror” “your mirror image will also point something”. The down thumb try to tell that if you have not listened to other three fingers and so your comments are not appreciable.

We are gifted with good brain then too we don’t use it when we open mouth or use hands/legs, ears, eyes. The first lesson the Gita wants to teach us is control our “gyanandriya”, speech, eyes, ears along with hands and legs. All these are controlled by brain. If not controlled they are blind and run here and there like horse which has lost control.

What we get in pointing fingers on others? What we prove by pointing fingers on others? I think, nothing can be proved and we don’t get anything except a momentary pleasure. Which just lasts for fraction of second. Which is like sand in air.
By pointing finger on others we are encouraging our ego which is our first and most prominent enemy. Laughing at others, pointing fingers on others, trying to portrait dull others we show where we stand. One day when we will face our true self we will realize what we are? Our such deeds will make us feel shame.