Lesson to remember

1 — Learn When to Speak, Where to Speak, What to Speak and How to Speak

2 — “The biggest guru-mantra is: Never share your secrets with anybody. It will destroy you.”

3 — “Before you start some work, always ask yourself three questions – Why am I doing it, What the results might be and Will I be successful. Only when you think deeply and find satisfactory answers to these questions, go ahead.”

4 — “Fear is not good for Success.”

5 — “As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it.”

6 — Like you filter your water filter your words.

7 — “A person should not be too honest. Straight trees are cut first and honest people are screwed first.”

8 — “Once you start a working on something, don’t be afraid of failure and don’t abandon it. People who work sincerely are the happiest.”

9 — “The goal of mankind is knowledge … Now this knowledge is inherent in man. No knowledge comes from outside: it is all inside. What we say a man ‘knows’, should, in strict psychological language, be what he ‘discovers’ or ‘unveils’; what man ‘learns’ is really what he discovers by taking the cover off his own soul, which is a mine of infinite knowledge.”

10 — “You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.”

11 — “Negative thoughts are like error messages; they can show you unconscious ‘programming’ in your mind that stands as a barrier between you and your desires. You can use these error messages as signposts to your success.”

12 — “change your view towards situation and you can find changes in life.”

13 — Always use paper while you are thinking.
Check your words when you speak.

14 — You view situations, events, life and others gauged with your perception, limitations of your knowledge and your feelings towards them.

15 — The biggest and most powerful enemy of anyone is his thoughts.

16 — Don’t let others challenge you, challenge yourself, because you yourself can be the best person to compete with yourself.

17 — Human brain is an excellent warehouse of knowledge.

18 — Every one on the earth have unique power which no other can mimic.

19 — Lesson from Rain: Keep your heart clean like your body.

20 — Lesson from Water: Change yourself according to situation but maintain unique way of flow.

21 — When you feel it is hard to survive, think about a moment of life, visualize a ray of light and the feeling to fight and live will become strong.

22 — A wall if seen from outside the house can be a structure of bricks, cement and sand. It can be seen as boundary of a residence but without wall a structure cannot be termed as house.

23 — Irrespective of the old scripts and literature, we believe, there is no life after this life, but when it comes to performing tasks, people always say, we will do it later, it happen gradually, will do it…..
as if they have confidence that they have enough time and if in case there would be shortage of time, they will do pending tasks next time (later).

24 — Water is one of the factor which can help us keep away from certain diseases. So drink warm water whenever you drink water.

25 — If we fly like kite, it is obvious we will lose sky and destination as our control will be in others’ hands.

26 — A pretendar cannot be a performer.

27 — Mental sickness comes out in the form of poor/ vulgar / sick thoughts.

28 — Always stay away from the people who say “I am best” as they will pass ego and wrong words.

29 — Anything and Everything in limits is good.

30 — There is end of the regime of Ram and there is end of the regime of Ravana.

31 — Never think you are best, you know everything, as the best is Supreme Being who knows everything.

32 — The surface of sea/ ocean always looks cool and calm, while below the surface it is unquiet.

33 — Let me live in the single moment of happiness, it is worth of living in this moment than living for months. Let me live in the single moment of satisfaction, it is worth of living in this moment than living for years.

34 — when I walk in darkness… the element ‘darkness’ faces light of my confidence (light of soul) in my eyes and thus this element gets alert, as with my each step in darkness follows light

35 — Never run away from fear… as the more you will run away from fear it will encroach you with more power and force… so face it… it is just a feeble feeling

36 — Don’t try to escape from people who try to cheat you…if you face them either they will depart or they will leave their intension to be with you… cheaters are more afraid then you…

37 — You are the best judge of yourself. Listen to all but use your knowledge to filter the best for you.

38 — You don’t live life for others. You live for yourself. Don’t spend time in pleasing them, instead spend time in knowing yourself and growth of yourself.

39 — Don’t compete with others. Compete with yourself. Everyday you change and grow.

40 — Spend atleast 1 minute a day or 1 day a week to make a note of what you have achieved in your life and most important make a list of moments you were really happy and satisfied.



Due to spread of Corona virus this year many are locked in homes and many are alone. I heard many saying, we are stuck, we feel alone, we feel lost. A question rose in my mind, “what is this loneliness?”

People who say “I am alone”, have people around them, locked in their house. Those neighbors have not left world, they are their in their home, locked in home. They can chat, gossip as they use to before with each other, yet they say “I am alone, stuck and feel boring”.

Yes, they are alone because they are not with themselves. They think that going out, doing parties, chit-chat and gossip in parks, gardens is the solution to “loneliness”. I have not observed anyone thinking about constructive activities (this observation is specific to a geolocation). Some people have spent time learning new things, doing what they cannot do earlier and have not felt “loneliness”.

According to me a person without aim, goal, aspiration, dreams cannot be alone. A student cannot be alone. If you keep on asking questions and try to find answers to them, you cannot be alone. People having faith in their heart cannot be alone.

Duties of Husband

Karyeshu Yogi, Karaneshu Daksha, Rupecha Krishna, Kshamayathu Rama, Bojyeshu Truptha, Sukhadukkha Mitra, Shatkarmayuktha, Khalu Darmanatha

In past I have mentioned about duties of wife. Today I want to speak about duties of husband here and make the post complete.

First let me put down word to word meaning: “A husband is who works like Yogi (detached from happiness, sadness, pride…), he who advises like king Daksha (daksha means brilliant), he who always have smile on his face like Krishna, he who have patience like Rama, he who appreciates whatever is being cooked by wife (or in family), he who is like a friend who is always there in happiness and bad times

Many say that such vows of a wife and husband are meaningless in this century. But it is possible to have all these vows obeyed by a man and woman in this century if relation is handled with open hands.

In today’s world both wife and husband work in their respective fields. It may happen both enjoy top position in their field or one may be superior than other. In either case ego should not come between them. A husband should not think he is male and so he is superior. Male and female both are creation of God. With male and female comes a family into existence. So both are equally important in a family. Not only in professional life a man should be like a Yogi, but in house also he should be like a Yogi. Meaning, if wife is not feeling well it is not bad to work on behalf of her in kitchen. If some guests are coming up then it is not bad to help wife manage things. So it is not shameful to share responsibilities inside and outside home.

A Yogi is who is stable in all situations. He is not having ego. He listens others before performing any action. He is humble, stable in happiness and sadness. He is contemplate and devoted to his activity.  More about yogi in another post…

A husband is head of family. And a head can ofcourse lead, guide family. But this leadership should not be blind. A leader should have vision of future before making any suggestions or decisions. A wife will shape family under leadership of husband. So always husband should make sure to advise wisely.

We have seen Krishna always smiling. So a husband should have smile on his face in all situations. I know one will say, how one can smile in bad times but (based on my experience) one can smile in bad times with right attitude. Here the matter is to show correct attitude in tough times. Here the matter is to support, encourage family and family members in difficult times.

Patience is key factor of a relationship. Being head of family, husband should deal with all and every situations with patience. In bad times it is good to step back or seat for a while and let the time time pass away instead of working against bad times. At times wife or some other family member act insanely, in such cases, be patient and try to calm up situation, handle family members. You cannot change situations, people and their thoughts but you can manage everything with patience. Sometimes it is good to step back instead of doing arguments, fighting back and making things worst.

Any relationship in the beginning will always be hard to build. If the relation is just started or if the relation was 10 years old it will be hard to manage under different times. It is insane but it is true, “a new shoe and a new relationship will always hurt in the beginning”. Patience is key to learn how to adjust and make this relationship work.

A husband should appreciate whatever is being cooked by wife. Instead of comparing food cooked by mother, other family member, friends or restaurant, as a husband try to appreciate food prepared by wife. If she is not able to cook good food then too she would have cooked food for you with love. So it is not appreciation of taste of food but the love behind the food being cooked by wife.

A husband and a wife should be friend, best friend. Trust your wife. Lend your ears to her feelings and words. Dont leave her alone in tough times, if you cannot openly then too try to support her from behind screen. As a friend guide her in her wrong decisions. As a friend be always there around her. Share your heart and feelings with her openly.

At last, if you think your wife is a matter of pride for you, you are not a husband. If you cannot share minor details with your wife then your are not a husband. If you cannot share your feelings with your wife then you are not in a relationship. If you just want to control your wife, order her and make obedient slave then your are not husband. If you just want to use her physically then your are not husband.


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What is a wife? (पत्नी क्या है)

Did anyone ask this question to couples who tie knot?

Did any woman ask this question to man looking for bride?

Did anyone ask this question while reading or watching Mahabharat?

But I want to ask this question to all and everyone whom i can ask.

Yudhishthira was asked “what is a wife?” when he lost his wife in the game of dice. In the game of dice, property (cash, gold, kingdom… ) was used but how can one use wife as property.

One can say, Yudhishthira not only lost his wife but his brothers as well in the game of dice. Then the question applies to his brothers. This question becomes more important as it is concerned to woman’s pride. Man’s pride is equally important as woman’s pride.

Woman cannot exist without man and vise – vise. Both are equally important which is supported through nature. And so it is important that man respect woman, as well as woman respect man. It is equally important that woman respect another woman.

When the question “what is a wife?” was asked it was meant to know what is the position of women in the society? How can one place woman along with cash, gold, kingdom things which are materialist things in same scale?

Even in today’s world the same question can be raised. A lot of marriages take place every year and many divorces take place. It is easy to blame woman, defame woman and get divorce thinking she will never speak anything. Woman will suffer silently and try to maintain knot of marriage. But is it correct? Woman’s silence is treated a cover to defame her. Divorce is one aspect, alone woman in the society is every now and then defamed by men. Wife is companion, life partner and not a property.

Bhagavad Puran – Jadabharat and King Rahugan

Bhagavad Puran – Skanda 5 – Chapter 12 – King Rahugan’s question and Jadabharat’s answer.

When King Rahugan scolds Jadabharat who was carrying sedan of king without care. After silently listening king’s words, Jadabharat who use to be always silent speaks to impart knowledge with the purpose to open his eyes and guide him to salvation.
Jadabharat’s knowledge touched soul of king and king who use to pretend to be scholar, bows to Jadabharat and requests him to explain his knowledge imparted in symbolic words.

The said chapter is really interesting in context of
The answer of Jadabharat defines
1. body
2. mind or brain
3. Ego
4. Earth
5. Maya
6. God
7. How to reach near to God

My main interest for the purpose of this post is the definition of God.

The definition of God as per Jadabharat: Truely pure, spiritual knowledge, unique and the complete knowledge free from the difference of inside-outside is only truth. This truth is ‘The inner ruler of everything’ (Sarvantaryami) and completely free from all worldly vices (nirvikar). Such truth is known as ‘God’ and is referred by scholars as ‘Vasudeva’.

Such words can only come from the person who have learned the lessons of truth and thereby achieved knowledge of ‘God’ referred in his answer.

While trying to understand the definition of God given by Jadabharat then the first realization I get is: ‘Soul’. Soul of any creation is Truely pure, filled with spiritual knowledge, free from the difference of inside-outside, worldly vices. Refer this in the light of Gita, Krishna clearly says that your soul is not affected by worldly vices, is free from pain, sorrow, happiness, ego… So God is there in the form of Soul in every creation. It is we who have to bring in ourselves the consciousness to learn and acknowledge this form of ourselves (Soul).

I am still not so capable to explain all the terms of the definition but with the knowledge and sense I have I will try to explain them in the following posts.

Bhagavad Puran – Adhyatma yoga

Bhagavad Puran – Skanda 2 – Chapter 25 – Kapil muni’s answers to Devbhuti’s questions.

Devbhuti mother of Kapil muni asks questions about salvation and liberation from the worldly pleasures. Kapil muni is incarnation of God Vishnu who took birth in Devbhuti’s house to preach the lessons of Sankhya yoga, Adhyatma yoga.

Devbhuti have spent years in upbringing of her 9 daughters and a son Kapil muni. Her life was like a normal woman, spent in kitchen, upbringing children and house keeping. She was far from the knowledge of Soul. What she can do to free her mind from the clutches of worldly pleasures, worries of life and family? With this question in her mind once she asks Kapil muni to preach her the lessons through which she can free her self from the clutches of worldly pleasures, worries of life and family (moha, maya, mamta) and attain salvation (moksha).

Kapil being pleased with her question narrates her the ‘Adhyatma yoga’. This form of yoga is the only way to liberate mind from the clutches of worldly pleasures, worries of life and family. This yoga helps one free themselves from the bonds of happiness and sadness. Mind/ heart is the only reason for forming clutches/ bonds and giving freedom/ salvation/ liberty. When Mind/ heart is surrounded by worldly pleasures/ entities/ subjects/ life/ family only forms clutches/ bonds with worldly pleasures/ entities/ subjects/ life/ family, and there by forms bonds of karma. This bonds of karma is a viscous circle which never ends until it is broken by the knowledge. The knowledge that we are in clutches/ bonds of worldly pleasures/ entities/ subjects/ life/ family. When Mind/ heart is surrounded by the knowledge of God, the knowledge of soul, the knowledge/ realization of oneself being a soul and not the body becomes reason for salvation/ liberty.

In Gita, Krishan says the same thing to Arjuna. Mind is very powerful. It can drive you in bonds of worldly pleasures/ entities/ subjects/ life/ family and it can also make you free from such bonds. But the condition is you have to be in the driver seat. Don’t let your mind/ heart to be in the driver seat. Don’t forget your real purpose of life. Don’t fall trap of ‘this is me and that is mine’. ‘Nothing in this world from earth to sky belongs to oneself. Nothing from the earth to sky is creation of oneself. The people whom one terms are family are just bonds created during a journey. These people either were there in the journey or they joined the journey for a while and may not be there in the journey.’

The feelings of happiness and sadness is just a face of situation. It depends on how one takes a situation. It is same as the theory of perception. You can be happy with half filled glass or you can cry for the half filled glass.

Step 1 of Adhyatma yoga – Free your mind/ heart from the bonds of worldly pleasures/ entities/ subjects/ life/ family. Free yourself from the trap of ‘this is me and that is mine’.

Result of Step1 – Your mind/ heart will be free from the feelings of happiness and sadness. Mind/ heart will be in neutral state. That is it start taking all situations neutrally. This will help mind/ heart to be filled with Knowledge, Detachment, Dispassion,  Devotion (Gyana, Vairagya, Bhakti) and see soul above nature (prakriti) and see this soul as a small light (jyoti).

Step 2 of Adhyatma yoga – Be in touch with people who have passed through Step 1.

Result of Step 2 – Such people will help you to maintain the state achieved in Step 1 and in long run one will realize that God is only in their soul.

Bhagavad Puran – Meditation process

Bhagavad Puran – Skanda 2 – Chapter 1 – answers King Parikshit’s question.

Parikshit asks a brilliant question – ‘what a person who is about to die should do to free himself from all sins? Also what a person whose death is not near should do through out their life to free themselves from sins or get salvation?’

Parikshit, who was cursed by Brahmin Son, while waiting for his death which is to come up in 7th day asks above question Shukdeva.

If I keep religious book aside and think for a while what a human does. A human is given a brilliant gift of speech and thoughts. We have brain which other species don’t have. We have well developed speech which other species don’t have. But when we see people around us and ourselves what we see, we just all our 24 hours in running behind work, tasks, bread, butter, money, lifestyle, family, social life. Work never ends even if we work for 24 hours. Needs of family, individual cannot be satisfied. Family, relatives, friends, dear ones never stay with an individual forever. A son stays with a person till he starts his family. A wife stays with a person till he dies. Emotionally and mentally none of these relatives, family, friends, dear ones are with an individual.

Then who is with an individual? Still keeping aside the religious books, the answer that comes to my mind is Individual’s soul, Consciousness. Now in the light of Gita and Bhagavad Puran, Soul and Consciousness is God.

To prove my above written words I would like to take base of Bhagavad Puran – Skanda 2 – Chapter 1.

In order to learn or understand the true form of soul and consciousness or God, one need to meditate.

What is meditation? We will learn about it later.

If one cannot do meditation then how to knowledge of soul or consciousness or  God? Answer to this question is, such individual is not required to leave social life, family, friends, society but spend atleast 1 minute or 1 hour or days in the knowledge, bhakti (which is not only worshiping idols or religious preachers) or stick to their dharma (honest work) and remember God.

This is most important line of this chapter. I understand this line as, any good or bad events of the life, the brightness of sun, darkness of night, green gardens, cold and warm water, types of food is all creation of God. No doubt good or ba events are part of individual’s karma. But karma is also God. Which is clearly written in the above mentioned chapter. So an individual is not creator but a performer. When an individual is performer then how can an individual take responsibility of anything they do. I think one cannot say that ‘I made this.’ or ‘I have saved life of …’ or ‘without me they wont be…’ The knowledge of the fact you are just a ‘performer’ and not director is important knowledge one must carry every day, every minute throughout their life.

The term bhakti used in the above paragraph is not working idols or religious preachers but to devote all activities performed every day, every hour to the one who is the director. A perform is to obey with faith, whole heart to the director. No matter how good or bad the situations are, one should face it with courage, accept all situations and take the responsibility of performer. If any performer can meet director only by praying a type of prayer 1000 times or offering flowers, milk, water, etc to idols then many would have met director by now. There would be piles of books on such people claiming their achievement. Narsinh Mehta, Meerabai, Tulsidas, Surdas and many like them have followed the path of bhakti where they were conscious that they are performer, their deeds were in the wellbeing of others, they lived their social life with this knowledge and recited glory of God.


We can do one thing definitely, start giving ourselves the knowledge – ‘You are a performer’. This is the first step towards the meditation.

Now, I would like to answer the question about meditation here. Meditation is not sitting under a tree or some place for hours with closed eyes. One cannot meditate until their mind is not stable. A mind is powerful to take an individual to any place without any physical movement.

After one have practiced the knowledge ‘You are a performer’ and when this knowledge becomes consciousness then one should focus on ‘ohm’ ohmThen focus on the breathing. Slowly breathing and ‘ohm’ will get in sync. When breathing and ‘ohm’ is in sync, learn to detach mind, thoughts from celestial pleasures, bonds of family, friends, relatives, dear ones and bring focus on the form of God.

Marriage – a choice or necessity

This post is in continuation to my previous posts on Marriage. Reference to previous posts are below.

I often find myself in discussion on Marriage with people from different religion and nation.

People from India know rituals very well. But when you discuss this topic with people from different nations you learn different views on Marriage, ritual and tradition.

I have seen a trend following in the society. As a child, one has to under go schooling (with pressure to get top rank), as a grown ups, need a degree and then a job with good pay. With a job, the search for life partner gets started. Seems like without marriage you are outcaste or not a human. Seems to be a religious pressure or a social rule imposed on each residents.

I always ask a question to people marrying — Why do you marry?

They don’t have real answer to this question, people want to marry to enjoy married life and get child to keep their family tree going on.

None of them would be focused on building their work life, professional life or profession. A job or a degree is enough for their life.

If this social mentality is compared with rest of the world, one can notice people give importance in building their career, building a business, getting to a better position in job or profession. For such people marriage is a choice.

This brings one more question, why marriage is a necessity?

Few answers comes to my mind, one, some nations don’t have enough skilled people or people to meet the needs of labor so freedom from Government comes to have a big family. Second, religious pressure forcing people to marry as soon as possible.


Gopi and Krishna

Gopi is a prime pillar of Bhagavad Gita rather Bhagavad Puran. Without Gopis I believe Krishna would not have been able to teach us the lesson of devotion, love, oneness with God, salvation (भक्ति सायुज्य प्रेम मोक्ष).

The relationship of Gopi and Krishna is interesting. The more I study it, the more I read it I realize that through the example of Gopis, Krishna wanted to show us, being busy in cores of day-to-day life you can attain nearness of Krishna…if your efforts are strong and you have confidence you can get oneness with Krishna.

Some scripts says Gopis were saints performing meditations since ages to attain nearness with Krishna. These saints took birth as Gopis to live with Krishna.

They taught us a good way to be near with Krishna.

1. Chanting – While working in home, doing day-to-day activities like cooking, cleaning, etc they chant the name of Krishna and sign his glory.

2. Work offered to Krishna – Though they use to cook for their family and work for their family members the center of all their work were Krishna. While cooking they use to think what Krishna would like to eat. Krishna is center of their attention.

3. Longing for Krishna – While Krishna was away in forest with cows they use to be eagerly waiting for him to return. When he would return they stand out in the entrance of their house with smile on their face welcoming Krishna.

4. Forgoing every barrier – For Krishna they forgo barrier of their family and went to meet Krishna, they forgo barrier and came out of river to take clothes.


Define Happiness








I have written earlier a post on Happiness, this post is in continuation with the previous post.

During whole day we come across many people, with some of them we have relationship to talk and share our thoughts while with some of them we hardly talk but listen or watch their behavior. If we watch all of them closely we will see they are looking for Happiness. So what is the definition of Happiness for each of them?

Let me put their definition of Happiness here….

1. Mr. A, I will be happy/ delighted if I will get a Government contract worth NNN lacs

2. Miss B, I will be happy if he propose me

3. Miss C, I will be happy if he marry me

4. Mrs D, I will be happy if my husband buy me a diamond necklace worth NNN

5. Mrs E, I will be happy if my daughter-in-law obey me

6. Mrs. F, I will be happy if my husband earns NNN lacs per month

7. Mr. G, I will be happy if I get N% in exam

…………. This list is endless, where Happiness is starts with If and Else condition

Seems Happiness is a chocolate wrapped in IF and ELSE wrapper. So are they Happy after this so-called wrapper opened?

1. Mr. A, after a month bags the Government contract worth NNN lacs.

He should be happy now. But when asked why your face is not glowing with happiness? he said, I am happy but I will be happy when I will earn that NNN lacs from contract.

2. Miss B is proposed but her face is not glowing with happiness as it should be. When asked she said… “Yes, he proposed me but I will be happy only if he marry me”

…… all of the above when opened a layer of their IF and ELSE wrapper around Happiness were not Happy as they found one more layer of IF and ELSE wrapper around Happiness. This situation is endless. A new wrapper is found when one wrapper of IF and ELSE is removed.

Years after years pass opening these layers of IF and ELSE wrapper but yet Happiness is not unlocked. So a question comes was the definition of Happiness correct? If not then what is the definition of Happiness.

Happiness is in …..

1. knowing oneself (Aatma – inner soul)

2. satisfaction

3. gratitude

4. love

5. giving to other (don’t think you donated some money or food and you will get happiness)

Happiness cannot be wrapped between IF and ELSE

Happiness cannot be measured by different criteria.

Happiness is soul’s identity. It can be obtained when it is free from all conditions.