Miss You

It is early morning, as soon as I got up from bed, my heart started searching for Krishna, my heart was missing Krishna….

Man Ta.Dapat Hari Darasan Ko Aaj
More Tum Bin Biga.De Sakal Kaaj
Aa, Vinatii Karat, Huu.N, Rakhiyo Laaj, Man Ta.Dapat…

Tumhare Dvaar Kaa Mai.N Huu.N Jogii
Hamarii Or Nazar Kab Hogii
Sun More Vyaakul Man Kii Baat, Ta.Dapat Harii Darasan…

Bin Guruu Gyaan Kahaa.N Se Paauu.N
Diijo Daan Harii Gun Gaauu.N
Sab Gunii Jan Pe Tumhaaraa Raaj, Ta.Dapat Harii…

Muralii Manohar Aas Na To.Do
Dukh Bha.Njan More Saath Na Chho.Do
Mohe Darasan Bhikshaa De Do Aaj De Do Aaj,…

I started singing above lines. Being away from writing blog I was occupied in reading Bhagavad Purana. It is a great experience to learn purana.

When eyes are closed it is hard to define image of Krishna. Years and years have passed, yet the act and life of Krishna is attracting heart, thoughts and tongue.

How true are the words of this song. Heart is suffering from pain, pain of being away from Krishna. The heart is waiting to meet Krishna, be with Krishna. Years and years have spent in eating, sleeping and roaming, when we are near to the end of life, we plead for his blessings.

It is very true until we get a guru who guides us, we keep on roaming keeping ourselves busy in eating and sleeping. In each and every literature the importance of guru (teacher) is explained without fail. Teacher is required to give you guidance but your determination and hard work can help you achieve the desired goals.

I really miss you Krishna, like I live with my family, I want to live with you, be with you forever, no one not even your “Maya” should be able to separate me from you. When you will listen this prayer?

I became rich

Today I became rich. I earned a good value today which added to the wealth I had.

Some years back I earned first chunk of value when a young girl wrote a letter expressing her apologies, apologies for she used words against me. She remembered my efforts to stop her from getting involved with a person who had no daring to stand with her in front of her parents.

I earned when a person quit smoking after trying for 15 years and gave credit to me.

I earned when a person blessed me and a person thanked me for helping them reach their destination.

I earned when team who was against me accepted me

I earned when i got standing ovation for my project

I earned when i was able to stand in front of 40 people having 15+ years experience and was able to speak without forgetting points.

Now I earned when my team leader was happy with my work.


All these satisfaction, blessings make me wealthy.


Birth of Supreme Power

Every year the birth of Krishna is celebrated with pomp and enthusiasm. Thousands of people across the nation observe fast and wait for the moment of the historical event, the even of birth of Krishna.

Krishna even after years attract hearts and his preachings even today help resolve issues, pain and troubles. His smiling face and attractive images even today attract hearts across the nation.

Today looking at his attractive images, I felt if he would be in front of me I would have spent hours and hours watching him, talking to him, listening to him….. ah!!! all kind of dreams.

But he learned me a lesson, “Do you work with all dedication, ensure your each step is towards the well being of the task or work but never get attached to the work. Never get attached to the events. Don’t say that “this work is mine”, ” I have done this”, “because of me this happened”

I have taken note of his lesson and have written at a place where I can see this lesson whenever I want in 24 hours.

What did you learn from him? 🙂


Lesson from Rain

Lesson from Rain: Keep your heart clean as you keep your body clean.

Its raining at my place since last 10-12 days. I was watching dark clouds hiding sun behind them. Suddenly dark clouds started pouring water down the streets. The water running down the street taught me a lesson, “always keep your heart clean as you keep your body clean”.

Every day we put efforts to clean our body but we hardly think of cleaning our heart. We have lot of dirt in our heart for others. Some think they are best and so feel jealous, some play tricks to get their benefit, some want more money, position and property and so take all fair and unfair means. We have dirt for others who are of different cast, religion and creed. Just for small benefit and ego we hurt people, we insult others and do many things which if we think upon can make us feel shame.

Rain clean dirt from roofs, street, leaves and give birth to new life. If we clean our heart, we will also be able to give birth to new life, new thoughts and new ideas. Lets wash our hearts.