How useful a human is?

People around the world cry for different cause – save birds, save tigers, save water, save trees, save earth….. We take some or the other thing from these species of earth. In fact, we take a lot from earth.

What we give?

This question will make you scratch your head. We don’t feed other species rather we don’t let other species live their life.

Trees gives us fruits, flowers and shadow but we never give shelter to our parents, we hesitate to give shelter to friends and relatives. If a relative spends few days, our schedule gets disturbed and we wish them to aideu us. If it’s raining heavily and someone asks for lift, honestly many of us would make face.

Tigers and hippopotamus are killed for their skin, bones…. But never a man is killed for such reason though women will be killed for money.

All elements of nature suffice each other’s needs selflessly but human will always find benefits. In return to lending helping hand to others people always think what they will get in return. The irony is, we never hesitate in taking help but we always think millions of time in giving help.

So if not a living man is helpful to others, will he be helpful after death?


Very few would have donated eyes or in rare case body or parts of body to needy after their death. This made me think does holy scripts restrict? The answer came to me is NO

It is we who have made our mindset such that we don’t offer help but take help.

I want to pay tribute

After many days, i have been back here to post. One thing kept me awake to write this post in this chilly night.

Yes, my colleague’s act today made me think whole day and my heart wish to pay tribute to her.

She donated her blood early in this chilly morning and came to office. Hats off to you Alta Das. Though people made fun of your act I pay tribute to your act. I sincerely bow my head to your act.

She would be between 25-28 years, a sober face with smile on face. She does her work with all her attention. She is in QA department and I am in BA department. I communicate with her in breaks. She is good in dealing with people and communication.

At this age she understands her responsibility towards society and donates blood.

With this post I want people to take illustration and contribute towards society. Do whatever you can do for your society, donate blood, serve needy people, serve old aged people, help orphans.